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    PRS Wood Library McCarty - Phenom!

    Flame mahogany neck, ebony f-board, quilted raspberry top, Kiribati body, low wind pickups and a simple tailpiece add up to a incredible guitar with a ton of sustain and vocal character across the neck. Seriously great guitar.
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    Steel Tailpiece Studs - Years

    All, what years of Les Paul Customs came with steel stop tailpiece studs?
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    How to identify a LP Custom

    All , I purchased a black Custom in the late 90’s from a dealer who told me it was a 68 and later re-necked in the 70’s. I’ve been curious about this so I started digging in to the guitar and found the following: Pot codes were 1966. No tenon in the neck pocket but rather a 1/4” gap. Patent...
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    Vintage ABR-1 Bridges, Tailpieces, Thumb Wheels & Posts

    Greetings All - I am looking to get as accurate as possible parts for my 2019 R9 60th Anniversary and my LP Custom (not sure of year but is probably a early 70’s or late 60’s). I want to start with the bridge and tailpiece hardware. I have been doing quite a bit of research into the topic and...