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  1. Humbuck

    Wizz Pickups

    Anybody have experience?
  2. Humbuck

    Some Bursts in Japan...

    I don't think I ever posted these before...I can't remember! Anyhow, here's some not great quality shots from a visit to ESP's shop in Shibuya while on tour in Japan back in '02 or '03.
  3. Humbuck

    Cool custom shop Explorer!

    Love it! http://www.ebay.com/itm/370583609596#ht_500wt_1180
  4. Humbuck

    My Explorer...tone monster

    Custom Shop '58 reissue in mahogany, 8 lbs 1 oz, huge neck. '08 I think? It's got the little Gibson leather book COA...when did they start doing that? Bad ass guitar! So happy with it. Get my Rick Nielsen on bigtime!
  5. Humbuck

    Take a look at this pick.

    These picks are perfect for me. Notice the shape...like a standard Fender, with a sharper (but not pointed) point. They say 1.00mm but I think they are thinner than other 1 mm picks I've played...they're really nice and stiff though! They are about as thick as a green Dunlop Tortex and just...
  6. Humbuck


    Kunio with a friend's '60!
  7. Humbuck

    Vintage SCTV tone-in...Joe Walsh.

  8. Humbuck

    ZZ Top '74 in Central Park

    Never seen these before... 2nd one is ZZ Top shirts being thrown into the crowd.
  9. Humbuck

    How about this?

    http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/msg/2153291598.html Gotta love it when they can't even spell.
  10. Humbuck

    Rick Norman Phoenix Burst pickups...

    Just put them in an R7...man, I'm lovin' these things! Just might be the best sounding guitar I have now...it wasn't before. The guitar now seems much more alive...and it had Timbuckers in it for years!! Highly recommended...big thumbs up from me!!:salude :salude :salude Can't put the guitar...
  11. Humbuck

    Gibson GA-20

    Someone just got a deal on a cool amp! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&autorefresh=true&hash=item3a603ea5d7&item=250722821591&nma=true&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&rt=nc&si=L4brc11Cf5wNQYPO4UQ5gjNFg%252B4%253D#ht_500wt_1156
  12. Humbuck

    Miss Pearly Gates

    Some cool burst shots I've come across of Willy G and Pearly circa '80 really showing off that maple top...
  13. Humbuck

    'Burst's in Japan

    I recently found some pics I took a few years back while on tour in Japan in '03. These are from the ESP store in Shibuya. Sorry for the lousy pics...that was my first digital camera and not very good. I think you weren't supposed tp take pics either but... I have no other info on the...
  14. Humbuck

    New pic of my botb

    My R9 was looking good where it was sitting so I thought I'd grab the camera.
  15. Humbuck


    The Crews Maniac Taco...anybody seen one in their local shop perhaps? Looking for one for a while. Kind of a Foxx Tone Machine clone (which I have). I have one of their od pedals and it is really great! I'd love to own one of these.
  16. Humbuck

    Cool Firebird I reissue

    A black one...neat!:salude http://cgi.ebay.com/Gibson-Custom-Historic-Firebird-1_W0QQitemZ250599049299QQcmdZViewItemQQptZGuitar?hash=item3a58de0853#ht_500wt_1182
  17. Humbuck

    Price check - '73 Marshall Superlead

    Looking for current market price range opinions on a '73 100 watt Superlead pcb. Clean reversible master mod...nothing else messed with. Pretty good condition over all. How about if it's the same thing but earlier point to point model? Thanks!
  18. Humbuck

    L5-s love?

  19. Humbuck

    Best place for tortex?

    Where is the best place to get bulk bags (72) of tortex picks?
  20. Humbuck

    Page's pedal here...what is it?

    http://concerts.wolfgangsvault.com/dt/led-zeppelin-concert/764-4017.html In track 3, "As Long as I Have You", at 11 seconds into it, you can hear Page step on a boost of some sort...taking into consideration the date of the recording and all, can any of you Zep heads tell me exactly what that...