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    Question about 1970s Stop Tailpieces

    I'm having a 78 LP Artisan restored/refinished and the previous owner had installed a Bigsby that I'm getting rid of and re-installing the stop tail. The original tailpiece was not included, so I need to get one. Is there any difference in the width, stud threading, etc between the 1970s and...
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    Mid 60s Hummindbird Vs. Mid 60s Southern Jumbo

    You know, It's probably just "self doubt", but is there really any difference in features, bracing, materials, etc between these guitars *Besides* the cosmetic flowery design on the pickguard and the material of the pickguard? I've never owned a Hummingbird (or really any square shouldered mid...
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    Supro 6190t found!

    Thought I'd share my new recent find with y'all. This is the uber rare Supro 6190t (2x10 combo). According to Jimmy Page [I]THIS[I] is the amp that he used for so many iconic tracks on those zep albums. His was modified with a single 12" speaker. I found this one at a flea market and my...
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    Vintage Amp Sleeper Alert!

    How is it I've never heard of one of these! I just picked this up a few days ago, dropped it off at my amp guy for necessary maintenance and got it back today. All I can say is WOW! This is a 1961 Epiphone Devon EA-35. Single 12 Jensen, 6v6 power and off the hook tone! The sustain, crunch...
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    How about a rare Gibson that has never been seen on the LPF?

    Just got this back from restoration. It is a Rare 1939 B-125 upright that belonged to a member of a popular Bluegrass group from the mid 50s called "Leon Jackson and the White Oak Mountain Boys". I bought it from the original owners son practically in pieces.
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    Marshall Class 5 Combo 2010-2012 RIP

    It's official. The Class 5 combo has officially been discontinued and there is no more new inventory from the factory. They quietly sold off the last ones in the fall, so whatever is in Dealers inventory is all there is. The head is still in production, but it was no where near as popular as...
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    New Project for me! LOL (tweed deluxe content)

    I just came into possession of a barn find 1959 Tweed deluxe. I'm ordering some of the replacement parts I need from Mojo, but any recommendations on a good amp tech in the southeastern US? I have used several guys on the west coast, but would like to reduce shipping time if I can. I guess...
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    All Original 1952 es-295? Really?

    I don't often do this, but this really irks me. The description clearly says that the only thing that is not original is a knob, tip and a jackplate, but gimme a freakin break! Look at the headstock, volute, finish, riser, etc, etc, etc. Is is possible to be this naive or do you think he is...
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    You just never know what will be hot!

    After watching pretty much every 'hyped' signature and reissue suffer from pretty much the same depreciation as most guitars a friend of mine pointed out to me that his Dave Grohl 335 has more than quadrupled in value! Why? There are TWO on Ebay with 12K BIN prices on them! Am I missing...
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    '63 Epi Coronet Pickguard

    Today I had the pleasure of buying my first Vintage Epiphone Solidbody, a one owner '63 Coronet in cherry. The pickguard has shrunk over the years, and is unusable. The question I pose to you guys is.... Should I just go back to the same ol' white (like pretty much everybody does) Or maybe...
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    Factory Gold hardware on an ES-125tc

    Have any of you guys seen this before? I just ran across a mid 60's model done this way! I know it's only a 125tc but what a cool little difference!
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    Where have all the Nick Lucas' gone?

    I recall back in the late 90s the Nick Lucas model was in the regular acoustic line, and was readily available for around the $1800-2200 range with great looking maple back and sides. Now I've got a craving for a used one from that era, and I can't find one for sale anywhere new or used! As a...
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    Why is the market up on Hummingbirds?

    Recently a guitar nerd friend of mine was going on about the search for a mid 60s Hummingbird of all things! I was surprised to hear that he would even being interested in such a tone turd, but apparently they are all the rage these days. Huh? I've tried to like these guitars, but they are...
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    What are the odd's? Seriously crazy LP Weekend!

    Okay, I collect, buy and trade cool guitars just like all of y'all do. But I don't just buy 'em online I love the HUNT! So these days it's rare to just find a LP for sale used (Other than modern faded studios) So when My buddy says he has a LP Custom to sell me, I'm all about it! Turns out...
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    Paul Reed Smith Amplifiers

    These are pretty expensive, have impressive names behind them (both in builders/designers as well as players/endorsers) ...Yet you never hear much about these in the forums or just 'around'. I personally don't know anyone who has bought one or gigs with one. What do you guys feel about these...
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    BFDR Questions

    I own an all original '65 BFDR. It has original caps, tubes everything. It has that classic clean bite with zero noise, etc that you wouldn't expect with an all original amp. My question is this, the overdrive when cranked doesn't have that smooth harmonic balance that my marshall 1974 has...
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    What am I missing here?

    I concede that this is a cool looking amplifier, and probably sounds fun too......but........$10K? Really? http://www.gbase.com/gear/gretsch-electromatic-roundup-amp-1957#
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    OMG!! This is too Cool!

    Before you thread nazi's start griping about this being in the wrong section, just know I'm not plugging this auction I've just never seen anything like this before! Who would be the customer for this?! I love it, but I also know I'm not the average Jazz box customer (and don't really feel...
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    The Gibson Super V

    I tend to be called often in my area when an Interesting guitar comes up for sale, well I can honestly say I've never been called about a Gibson Super V until today. I Guess its an L-5 with Super 400esque inlays and a finger tailpiece. They only made them (somewhat regular) from the Late 70's...
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    I guess one overpriced luxury item.....

    ....deserves another one! http://www.gbase.com/gear/find?gs=y&keyword=donzi