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  1. tom wu

    Year-by-Year History of the Historic Les Paul Collection

    I am looking for info on the V1, V2 and V3 neck shape versions of the Historic R0, In particular, I have played several early 50s LPs, and a couple of bursts, so I think the V1 and V2 copy versions are based on those models. What I am curious about is whether the historic R0 "v3" neck , by...
  2. tom wu

    Gold Top Conversion

    I don't think vintage defines a guitar either. Look at the many 70s and 80s guitars that were made, many with a lot to be desired in sound and playability. Same time, taking a boogered up 50s LP, and converting it, can make for a much nicer playing and sounding instrument. Terry Mueller did...
  3. tom wu

    Gold Top Conversion

    so I haven't played a historic since my 03 brazilians, neither of them "keepers", but I hear the last couple year Historics play and sound great, so I can't comment on their virtues. Having said that, nothing wrong w a conversion, if it speaks to ya, and IMO a better investment.
  4. tom wu

    Gold Top Conversion

    You're right right, he didn't mention a 57, but since conversions usually get humbuckers, sometimes PAFs, they are copies of a 57, not a 54. I agree w you that straight guitars hold their value etc, but conversions have also gone up up, and there is no sign of that slowing down. I'd buy a...
  5. tom wu

    Gold Top Conversion

    different markets, both easy and hard to unload, depending on how much you buy it for. Personally, I see the conversions are easier to sell in a pinch for 2 reasons 1) not everyone is looking to drop 40K on a guitar and 2) Murphy labs, "true" historics and other Gibbys have jacked prices up so...
  6. tom wu

    Gold Top Conversion

    So.. you'd buy a 40K guitar as opposed to a 15K guitar? me too, if $ was no object. Big difference in price between a straight 54 GT and a 50s conversion, amigo. Actually, the comparison would be more between a 57 GT and a conversion, since they have the similar bridge, pickup types etc..so...
  7. tom wu

    Untouched since 1964 les paul 1959 burst find. in near mint conditioin.

    I'd love to be wrong, and be among the lucky few to witness a once in a lifetime event unfold, but .............
  8. tom wu

    Gold Top Conversions

    Well, FWIW, I got to play greeny about 14 or 15 years ago, just for a few, during which time I shook my head , and even made the happy face while playing it, and still couldn't get the thing to sound like Gary More did
  9. tom wu

    Gold Top Conversions

    There is a lot of truth in that statement, amigo. not necessarily in my case, but I've seen great players pick up average fiddles, and sound just as good as always.
  10. tom wu

    Gold Top Conversions

    No doubt. 59 PAFs make my samick sound like greeny ( too much? lol )
  11. tom wu

    Gold Top Conversions

    A 3 piece top, with scattered grain pattern? back in the day those made nice Goldtops. Not too late..I know a guy lol
  12. tom wu

    Gold Top Conversions

    This is a nice one at 8.3 pounds on 'verb
  13. tom wu

    T Top Knockoffs anyone ever hear of these guys?

    So I was flipping through fleabay, and I found a company that produces a T Top clone, using bobbins that look pretty close to the real ones. Anyone else see this "brandonwounds" , or try them out...
  14. tom wu

    Repairs done to 50s Les Pauls at Gibson: Any Records?

    Ok so this post one is a long time coming. I have a early 50s (54) Lester that was renecked early on in its life. Without naming any names, one prominent expert on all things LPs who worked on it told me the neck was likely a 1959 neck. Another person; a collector who knows a crapload about...
  15. tom wu

    CMDaugherty Hand Wound Pickups?

    Anyone try these handwound pickups? http://www.ebay.com/itm/CMD-HandWound-Black-Beauty-57-Humbucker-PAF-set-fits-Gibson-Les-Paul-Custom-Shop-/191013828733?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item2c794fb87d
  16. tom wu

    H80 guitar/Tim Shaw pickup owners Needed

    Ok after several debates in a baywatch thread http://www.lespaulforum.com/finalframes/frameset.htm I am looking for anyone who owns, has owned or wants to own either Gibson H80 guitars or Tim Shaw pickups. The purpose of is to document the unknown: When was the first H80 built? From many...
  17. tom wu

    Guitar Show in Miami Beach

    http://www.newportguitarfestivalmiamibeach.com/homepage.html Just curious if any high end Gibbys will be presented in the vintage area. Would also like to know if any LPF members are going? Hey, it aint Dallas..but it is within walking distance to South Beach. Also; keep in mind there are lots...
  18. tom wu

    '60 Burst at Joe Ganzler's Site

    :shvelhead '60 Burst at Ganzler's site Check out the light weight '60 burst -with '59 features and double zebras- over at Ganzler's site. Enough pictures to give anyone more gas than my girlfriend's frijoles negros.:fart http://www.ganzlerincorporated.com/ Click on Inventory...
  19. tom wu

    Pot question

    Hi :2cool I know some of you are experts on the subject of identifying potentiometers and trannys, etc in old amps, so here it goes; these parts were found in my J.W. Davis 401 model amp and I'd like a little info because I dig this old amps sound.:dude: The pots are all stamped PA224 and...