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  1. 1jamman

    It Rains ,,,It Pours ????

    Want to thank out member "mustachio" for selling me his "reflector " knobs, from his recent purchase of an R0 . He's a stand up member to deal with and I couldn't have had a nicer transaction getting them :salude So,,,,,, that was a few weeks ago. Then I was able to score a Vintage '62 ES...
  2. 1jamman

    I couldn't refuse ,,,Another TH60 NGD

    1st ,,, a BIG shout out of THANKS , to Curt from HOG , For working with me over the last months to get this guitar here .... You guys looking for a Guitar really need to Do yourself a Favor and check HOG out . As always , it's been GREAT .... I also NEED to thank BIG AL, for being a really...
  3. 1jamman

    It's time for Family get togethers , So,,,,

    Always nice to have families get togethers Here' a recent shot I took of my 335 family . (couldn't get the 356 in ) post yours:2cool Happy Holiday's to all :salude
  4. 1jamman

    Ask for it ....Wait for it .... They made it ....

    In my seeming to be ,never ending search always asking for 1 of these, for that ES guitar Pictured in my mind ,. I've been lusting after a 60's (thin neck) Vintage Natural 335 small block(New 13/14specs) .... The CS 1's , for me were a more figured then I like for a 335(plus way over priced...
  5. 1jamman

    New WW 335\345's

    Anyone get over to WW and test out those New 61 335's and 64 345's less VT ??? Any feedback would be great . They look really nice, but , I'm wanting a Plain top for either and then I'd Jump all over it . I called Yesterday and It might be in the works . I'm gonna try waiting it out for 1 ...
  6. 1jamman

    Another NGD 345

    Got her Monday ,and have been playing as much as I can . A Beautiful Blonde 345 , Finally . She weighs in at a very nice 8lbs 8 1/2 oz. Not bad with a Vairitone . Sweet looking Grain patterns .I think these 345's look great with the inlays they have. It seems that the 345's have fatter necks...
  7. 1jamman

    A question about ES 345's

    I finally got my new ES 345 this week and have noticed something a bit different about the way the volume controls work. So my question is this , When the selector switch is in the middle position , should turning only 1 of the volume controls to zero, cancel out both pups volume ? Mine...
  8. 1jamman

    Anyone Test the 2014 Memphis 345's ?

    Hi Guys , I'm focused in on getting a 2014 Memphis '59 345 soon and would lke to hear from those who have played 1 . None are in my neck of the Woods and would have to buy on the net . Not ideal , but I'm itching for a Blond Big time . :teeth Also , i read on a couple of sellers sites these...
  9. 1jamman


    Well Here she is ..... Got her back this past Saturday. Thanks to Curt at HOG for putting up with me to get this 1 made. This is the guitar I've been chasing (Reverse Chevron in Lemon Burst) for years . Flat out great guitar . I'm even liking the Custom Buckers it has :laugh2: . Although ...
  10. 1jamman

    Interesting short read

    I found this linked on the Gibson site . For those wondering what it has been last year and this year about the tone of the Memphis historics . I wonder how many differnt guitar this inclueds? I happen to think there is more to it than just the pots . It seems Gibson Memphis has been...
  11. 1jamman

    NGD coming soon

    I got this Picture from Curt at HOG yesterday . This is the Build I had done of my next and I hope last R0 . If she plays as good as she looks my next and last will be a Blond 335 and than I'll be GAS free (I hope) :rofl :##
  12. 1jamman

    NGD 2013 ES 1959-335 Memphis CS

    Ok Here’s the ES-335 I got Yesterday . I waited most of Today to get a few minutes of ok Sunlight so I could get a few Pics. The Blister on this top is lighter colored and difficult to Photograph . It’s very 3-D and I haven’t learned the best angles to capture it in Pics Yet . Zooming in on...
  13. 1jamman

    Here's my 2013

    I got about as lucky as could be . She turned out to be in the catalogue for this years R0's . I'm really liking the guitars this year. Not all that for the Pups , but that's like anything some do some don't . Nothing a Vintage Pup wont cure . 0 3002
  14. 1jamman

    Some Photos I was asked to post

    Hi everyone , I was asked to post some Photos of mine . :2cool I'm always happy to start the flames 2009 50th. Anni. R9 DarkBurst 2005 Matsumoto LP DC 2009 R9 Rustburst 2003 MM 60_12 That's a start for now :rofl