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    How to differentiate a tweed Tremolux that's cathode biased vs. fixed biased?

    Hey, guys. For someone who doesn't understand the science of guitar amplifiers, but knows vintage gear, how can you differentiate a tweed Tremolux that's cathode biased vs. fixed biased? In other words, the Tremolux that's more like a Deluxe from the fixed bias version? The model number on the...
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    Fender Tweeds and asbestos

    Hey, guys. Just wondering if anyone worries about having old tweed amps with the asbestos back panel? I've done some research online. Many say as long as it's untouched it's not a problem. Those of you with tweeds, do you not worry about it? Thanks.
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    Hey, guys. I just picked up a 1952 Les Paul. I need two treble side, No Line, Single Ring, "Sealed" Kluson tuners. For clarification purposes, the tuners I'm searching for are "Version 2" from the link below... Rick Norman's excellent study of Kluson tuners for vintage Les Pauls. Any help or...
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    Support a fellow collector: Vote for Tom Van Hoose's Guitar Collection

    Hey, everyone. Tom Van Hoose, who is a friend to many in the guitar collecting community, has submitted his amazing collection of John Monteleone archtop guitars in the Perot Museum "Eye of the Collector" contest. Tom has made it to the finals in the "Visually Stunning" category. His was the...
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    52/57 Conversion at SXSW Gig

    I took my 52/57 conversion out for my SXSW gigs this weekend. It's a great guitar. Original finish. No breaks. PAFs. A few photos were captured. Thought I'd share an "in-action" moment.
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    J.D. Simo with a First Rack 1959 ES-345 in Austin

    The always musical and tasteful J.D. Simo playing my first rack 1959 ES-345 at sound check at the Belmont in Austin February 25, 2016. Enjoy!
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    Awesome J.D. Simo and an early 1960 Burst at Austin show sound check 2/25/16

    J.D. Simo and his talented trio rolled into Austin Thursday. I had the distinct pleasure to hang out with J.D. Thank you, Charlie! I know it's been said here many times before, but not only is J.D. a gifted musician, he's truly a wonderful guy. I'm on a mission to convince him to move to Austin...
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    Great Mike Hermans Demo of Paul Trombetta's Rotobone Pedal

    Hey, guys. Check out this cool demo by the talented Mike Hermans of the Rotobone by Paul Trombetta. I own a Rotobone. It really is a very unique, creative and musical pedal. No affiliation. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Npvfrrz_3zk
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    Fun Nacho Banos video featuring Billy F. Gibbons

    Hey, guys. Thought I'd post this here. Fun video featuring our esteemed member Nacho Banos, his band Tres Hombres, and featuring Mr. Billy F. Gibbons.
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    RIP Ernie Banks

    As a long time Cubs fan, and kid who grew up on the north side of Chicago, Ernie Banks was a true role model of not only an excellent athlete, but a great man. We should all have the enthusiasm and joy in life to "play two."
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    1959 ES 335

    Hey, guys. Thought I'd share a few pics of the 1959 ES 335 I picked up at Arlington a few months ago. I'd been searching for a great dot neck for some time and this is the one that really spoke to me. As you can see, it's in fine condition. The guitar was Grovered at one point, but no extra wood...
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    NVGD: The 1956 Picasso Tele

    Hey, guys. Thought I'd share this cool new acquisition. A friend called and had some guitars to move for a lovely woman whose husband passed away a year ago. When I heard 1956 Tele, I got very excited. When I opened the case, I was very surprised. I must confess, I wasn't initially drawn to the...
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    1959 First Rack 345s Reunited 55 Years Later!

    A29845 and A29846, born in Kalamazoo in 1959 parted ways 55 years ago never expecting to be reunited. A29845 eventually found its way across the Atlantic making music in the U.K. A29846 traveled to the southern states, journeyed back to Michigan for a few years, then on to New York, Connecticut...
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    WTB: PAF L5

    Hey, guys. I'm looking around for a PAF L5. If you have one for sale, or know of one, please shoot me an email. Thanks! Michael michaelminnis@gmail.com
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    Amazing Blackguard Teles

    Snakebite Music's thread on Teles prompted me to post this link. If you love Teles, you'll love this site. Enjoy! http://telecasterplanet.com/
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    For Those Who Appreciate The Blackguard Tele

    Check out LP Forum member Nacho Banos' new site. The Telecaster Planet. Very cool! http://telecasterplanet.com/
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    Anyone into sports card collecting?

    Hey, guys. My eight year old son has gotten into baseball and football cards. I used to collect as a kid and still have some nice pieces. A couple 50s Mickey Mantles, Sandy Koufax rookie card, etc. Anyway, it's been years since I've delved into the card collecting world. What a rude awakening...
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    Differences in gold stops for ES-345s?

    Hey, guys. As some of you may have read, I'm looking for a gold stop and studs for my mid-60s 345. Is there a difference between a period correct one for my guitar and one that would be fitted on a 59 or early 60s 345? What's the difference, if any, between a 60s and a 70s gold stop? Thanks. I...
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    Question regarding Custom Made Plaques on ES guitars

    Hey, guys. I just scored a very cool mid-60s 345 in cherry with the custom made plaque. In an earlier thread, I believe Kerry said he hasn't seen a custom made plaque on an ES guitar post 1965. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with an ES with a custom made plaque later than 65? I'm...
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    Price Check: 1966 ES-345

    Hey, everyone. I may be zeroing in on a 1966 ES-345. It's cherry, has an original Bigsby with the custom plaque. Narrower nut width, but with good meat on the back of the neck. Nice and clean. All original. Just wondering what you all think a good price is for this guitar. BTW, if I were to get...