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  1. boogieongtr

    *** My First Historic In 18 Years-- 2001 R9 Big Top***

    The last Historic LP I owned were the 2003 Bz R9 & R7. I just scored this 2001 R9 for a Makeover. Great weight 8 lbs 12 oz, Honduran Mahogany and a Deep 3D Big Top.
  2. boogieongtr

    *** The 56 LP From Ebay Retread ***

    For those who missed the original thread here it is: https://www.lespaulforum.com/index.php?threads/1956-les-paul-burst-ebay-identify.217132/ The guitar was loaded with original parts plus two full stickered PAF's. Someone had converted it to humbuckers and did a refin. The major hacks...
  3. boogieongtr

    *** 1952 Les Paul Headstock Repair ***

    To help pass the time I thought I'd post a headstock repair I did several years ago. Here's a 52 I bought that had the headstock repaired several times in the past. The guitar wouldn't hold tension and snapped off when I tried to tune it up. After stripping off the finish you can see the...
  4. boogieongtr

    *** A Couple of 1950's Gibson Les Pauls in for Conversions ***

    Back in 2018 a customer of mine sent me two 1950’s P-90 LP’s for conversions. He didn’t know the production year of either guitar and asked for my input. Both guitars have issues but with some TLC will make great player old wood guitars. I’d date this one as a late 55, 56 or 57. It has a...
  5. boogieongtr

    1957 GT, 59' Burst compared to 2019 PRS by Tim Pierce & Howard Leese

    I love and play vintage guitars. After listening to the clip a couple times I'll have to say the PRS sounds pretty darn good...!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqI2TJvCxJI&feature=youtu.be&inf_contact_key=3cf7c2b3757f4388cd0e471a21183109680f8914173f9191b1c0223e68310bb1
  6. boogieongtr

    Upcoming Pay Pal Change to Refund Policy

    I received an email this morning from Pay Pal with an upcoming change to the refund policy. Until now if you returned an item to the buyer Pay Pal would refund you the original fee from the transaction and no charge for the refund. Here is the new policy: In line with industry practice and...
  7. boogieongtr

    Help With a 53 Serial Number

    I am looking at a 1953 Goldtop on Reverb but the serial number font has me questioning it's originality. I have seen a lot of 50's serial numbers but I have never seen one like this. The seller says it's original. I sent him 5 pics of 50's goldtop serial numbers for comparison but have not heard...
  8. boogieongtr

    Thrill of a Lifetime 0 1247 On Stage With Greg Martin

    I thought I’d share the back story and pics of my day playing my ’60 Burst on stage with Greg Martin and The Kentucky Headhunters, on July 29, 2016. About three years ago, I got a phone call, and the caller introduced himself as Greg Martin, guitar player for the Kentucky Headhunters. Before he...
  9. boogieongtr

    Player 1950's Goldtop on eBay....Mystery Solved

    I took a chance buying this guitar after a lot of emails to the seller. From the pics I thought it was just a replaced fretboard and a refin to the back of the neck. I've been looking for a candidate for a 57 conversion or a Snatch knock off like CD's. Perfect weight at 8lbs 11oz. Great...
  10. boogieongtr

    A Belated Merry Christmas

    Here's hoping everyone had a Merry & Safe Christmas. Had the house to myself this morning so I thought I'd take a family shot. The center LP is 0 1247
  11. boogieongtr

    NVGD **** 1952 Husk ****

    I just bought this 52 husk from Avenue Guitars thinking it might make a great player guitar. Before I bought the guitar Steve assured me the guitar was stripped and not sanded. He was right, all of the original profiles are there and most of the original wood still intact. I went to my parts...
  12. boogieongtr

    The Mutt's Long Lost Cousin

    CD, I found your Mutt's first cousin. 54-57 Goldtop
  13. boogieongtr

    ****NGD 1959 ES345****

    Earlier this year I had this all original 1959 ES345 in my shop for some maintenance. This guitar destroyed every guitar I own (even my 60 Burst and a couple of 50's conversions) Since then it has haunted me endlessly. The hunt was on! I finally found what I hope to be the end all to my...
  14. boogieongtr

    52 Conversion...

    Here is my #1 go to LP. It's a 52 retop conversions with 59 double creams (I got from Uncle Lou) I picked a top similar to my 1960 Burst on the right. Here is a short clip of the guitar from last Saturday's gig. I'm playing thru a Komet Concorde. Take it easy on my guys, I'm 61, never...
  15. boogieongtr

    54 Conversion... Find Of A Lifetime!!

    I thought I'd start a new thread. I'm not going to debate right vs wrong or address any comment. Here it is from start to finish in an abbreviated form. This is a top only finish, Pickup & bushings plug & route, refret & new ivory nut. Nothing else was touched on the guitar. 54 Goldtop...
  16. boogieongtr

    ** 54 Goldtop ** Or Should I Say Flametop - Conversion Candidate

    I bought this as a Christmas & Birthday present to myself last December. It is probably the most perfect conversion candidate you could wish for. Let's start with the flame. You can actually see the flame under the gold. Not just in one place but the whole top, also flame in control cavity...
  17. boogieongtr

    1960 Burst thru a new Carol Ann OD3

    1960 Burst thru a new Carol Ann OD3r My good friend Jeff Williams plays my 1960 Burst thru my new Carol Ann OD3. Check out Jeff's bands, The Jeff Williams Group and Blueprint. Sorry about the quality of this recording, it was made on a Sony camcorder from the 90's and the mic is clipping...
  18. boogieongtr

    Basket Case 52 Goldtop .... Conversion Candidate Just For Me

    I have been looking for a thrashed early 50's Goldtop and finally picked up this 52. There are lots of issues as you will see. I plan on doing a retop with some killer old Michigan maple. From the first 2 pics you can't see any of the damage. Now for the issues: The neck had a break at the...
  19. boogieongtr

    Conversion Back For A Top Refin

    Here is a conversion I did a year ago that is back in the shop for a top refin. http://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=177203&highlight=conversion There was a problem with the rings used on the project. The plasticizers in the rings reacted with the lacquer and melted about 1/4"...
  20. boogieongtr

    *** Dhimmitude ***

    *** *** My bad, sorry