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  1. rick c


    I finally pulled the pup covers to complete my Brian Robertson LPC clone. I've owned this new since 87 and should have done this 34 years ago. Love it.
  2. rick c

    "No serviceable parts......" Marshall amp fun

    Hi folks: I hadn't used my old Marshall 6100LE for several years and had some very unhappy pots to contend with this morning. The manual states "no serviceable parts take the amp to a specialist for repair". About an hour later all was well; I pulled the amp out of the box, squirted switch...
  3. rick c

    Great pickup wiring resource

    Hi folks: Check out the Breja Toneworks YouTube site: https://www.youtube.com/user/BrejaToneWorks Here's a fun example of how to setup your Les Paul with Jimmy Page's 50's, 21 pup option wiring tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PS7YvCmop8Y I really love this guy! Now I have to buy...
  4. rick c

    weird pickup corrosion

    After 6 months of procrastination for a million reasons, I just bought a new neck pickup for my ES-335 yesterday and I've been spending most of the day remembering how much fun this guitar is. I recalled that when I took it apart in summer, both pickups had odd corrosion on the top surface at...
  5. rick c

    Another unhappy pup! A weird one; pup experts please help!

    Hi folks: A week ago, my ES-335 (not my LP but who cares?) neck pickup was dead. It was working just fine a few days earlier. Here's what's weird; if I push down on the neck side of the pickup, rocking slightly, it works, let go it dies. This is not simply a grounding issue, or at least I am...
  6. rick c

    Shergold Custom Double

    Meet my doubleneck; a late '70s Shergold Custom Double 12 +6. I bought it in '86 from a pawn shop in Birkenhead, UK. The Shergold double neck was made famous by Mike Rutherford (Genesis) who had the detachable style; this enabled a 6 or a 12 to be joined to a bass. THis one has a one piece...
  7. rick c

    Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty

    I've got an odd assortment of guitars but the one I play the most and keep out all the time (except when the kids are running around) is my Les Paul Custom; it will be 30 next year! I hadn't bought myself a new toy for many years so I researched new and different guitars and kept coming back to...