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  1. Wams

    Odd 1965 SG Special Serial Number

    The neck width across the nut is 40mm (about 1.57 inches).
  2. Wams

    Odd 1965 SG Special Serial Number

    I have an old SG special that I have owned for 30 years and assumed it to be built in 1965. I “dated” the pot codes - although obscured a bit by soldering, I can read one of them to indicate “CBA-11-1053 500k AT 13765xx - with the last two digits covered by solder. Given the codes and the...
  3. Wams

    1998 Les Paul Classic - Aged Hardware?

    I just purchased a 1998 Les Paul Classic in Cherry Sunburst. Love the guitar - It plays and sounds great. One of the reasons I also really like the guitar is the look of this guitar. The body hardware almost appears aged. The pickups covers and the bridge and tailpiece have a worn/dull/aged...