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  1. madformac

    Gary Moore.

    Late to the party as usual. Time moves so fast, seems like yesterday. Don't Believe A Word, Separate Ways, Empty Rooms, so many great songs.. And here he is showing you can do it all on a Junior...
  2. madformac

    Searching for current owner: 1959 Sun Burst Flame Top

    New fangled techie stuff mate. I think it's higher than a hi-res. But lower than a super-ultra-hi-res or even a hyper-super-ultra-hi-res. Certainly less than a true-historic-ultra-hi-res :p
  3. madformac

    Grace under fire....

    Great news Paul! Best present this season can give. All the best to the both of you mate. (y)
  4. madformac

    LPF UK meet IV 2022.

    No mince pies this time around. We will stick with regulation bites.
  5. madformac

    LPF UK meet IV 2022.

    Found these buggers today. Ahh the memories..
  6. madformac

    LPF UK meet IV 2022.

    Returning to those threads it seems there was a leak in my Photobucket Paul. All the photos seem to have dribbled away..
  7. madformac

    LPF UK meet IV 2022.

    Yes will do. Will give them a nudge. Edit.. Got the green light from both Sam and Neil so you can add them on.
  8. madformac

    LPF UK meet IV 2022.

    I’ve seen some fancy Italian ones in Lidl.. Might be an upgrade 😂 Are you bringing the boss with you to this one Paul? I’m sure Audrey would be guest of honour 👍🏻
  9. madformac

    LPF UK meet IV 2022.

    I’ll bring the biscuits. Choc digestives or are we going fancy this time?
  10. madformac

    Grace under fire....

    Things are good for me. We will leave it at that. So pleased for you both mate.
  11. madformac

    Grace under fire....

    Took a moment for you at 3. The rain stopped as well at 3pm and the sun came out here. ☀️
  12. madformac

    Grace under fire....

    Best news of the year Paul. I've set my alarm for 3pm on the 5th. Many times I've thought about you both when passing through South Manchester. Audrey and yourself are made of the right stuff, strong as they come. All my love and wishes to you both mate.
  13. madformac

    Grace under fire....

    I'll probably be driving through M20 tomorrow. I'll give you both a nod and a thought mate as always. (y)
  14. madformac

    new Gary Moore album -What year?

    That's a Gibson Custom Shop artist proof of collector's choice number 1 that Gary owned. It's not Peter Green's burst.
  15. madformac

    Grace under fire....

    I've not been on here for quite some time but something just compelled me to come here today and I saw your thread at the top of the page. There's not a lot to add to what others have said Paul, except Audrey has the strength of hardened steel and I know you will be walking hand in hand through...
  16. madformac

    Fleetwood Mac, Sweden 1970

    One of my favourite gigs from Peter Green. This wasn't too long before Peter left and I always enjoyed his later gigs with the added use of the wah pedal.
  17. madformac

    2 Bursts in Germany!?

    Morning/Afternoon/Evening all, Thought I would drop by the LPF as I have a few days off work, having read this thread I think I would have been been better off back in work! Having read all 416 posts so far it seems to me that which ever side of the fence people sit nobody seems to know if...
  18. madformac


    David, that's a beautiful guitar and a keeper. :salude Gibson Custom have once again upped their game with the aging on this one. Very tasteful and not over the top or over enthusiastic with the razor blade. Here's a picture of the old original behind me, taken at the Albert Hall back in...
  19. madformac


    Here you go David, thank you. Regards, Justin.
  20. madformac

    Mark Knopfler's 58 Burst. New footage on FB

    Mark has posted a teaser trailer video for his new album on his Facebook page and his '58 Burst is all over it. :dude: http://www.facebook.com/MarkKnopfler