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  1. PatentAppliedFor

    Wouldn't be Christmastime without ...

    Kirsty & The Pogues <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/j9jbdgZidu8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. PatentAppliedFor

    Friday *night* gear & beer

    Ok so we have Friday babe of the day, how about Friday night "Gear & Beer""? I'll start :spabout
  3. PatentAppliedFor

    Ian Anderson Standard

    aka our own "Tonefiend" Early adopter here, love this axe =)
  4. PatentAppliedFor

    NGD - P90s =)

    Immediately plugged into the Shiva & instant early Sab tones :dude:
  5. PatentAppliedFor

    Salmon fishing still hot in Puget Sound

    Even the Kings are still in - father in law got this one aboard my boat last nite =) We were totally going for Coho & trolling a big ass fly going fast in around 30 feet & ...wham!
  6. PatentAppliedFor

    New jam room!

  7. PatentAppliedFor

    Check out my new floor!

    Just getting into new house - property foreclosed & the dickhead owner tore *everything* out. Bro-in-law just got new tiger strand bamboo in =) Oh, and the view's not bad either !
  8. PatentAppliedFor

    In case any are wondering what happened to *those* PAF threads..

    PAF moved them off-board. Tom's vintage guitar area wasn't designed for settling beefs with vendors.
  9. PatentAppliedFor

    Palin on Conan last nite

    pretty funny with Shatner... http://tv.yahoo.com/blog/sarah-palin-gets-back-at-william-shatner-on-the-tonight-show--866 Although - how is it she continues to use the salutation "governor"? I know former officials get to use their title, but she quit the job... doesn't seem right.
  10. PatentAppliedFor

    Ian A aka Tonefiend - our LPF brutha can build some guitars!!

    Just arrived today :dude: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX5eR0IN3NM vid clip is IA Standard - Komet 60 - 70s Marshall blackback 412 cab. Pay no heed to the sloppy operator lol
  11. PatentAppliedFor

    here's a lil LP/Komet 60 amp vid clip

    Here's my 1st vid attempt, shot with a lil Canon power shot & added 2nd track for some lead fills - '01 R8 w/PAF in the bridge thru Komet 60 into old 70s blackback Marshall cab - some choral flange added on the rhythm & some carbon copy on the lead
  12. PatentAppliedFor

    Holy backpedal Batman!

    http://www.yahoo.com/s/951825 :hmm
  13. PatentAppliedFor

    Fish On!

    Got a nice King earlier this eve just north of Gig Harbor, Wa. My BBQ plans for tomorrow are dialed in =)
  14. PatentAppliedFor

    This is just nuts - cops raid MD mayor's home & kill his dogs

    Another reason to decriminalize pot if ya ask me & I don't even partake. What a colossal waste of taxpayers money & what an incredibly dangerous situation to create. Idiotic. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080808/ap_on_re_us/marijuana_packages
  15. PatentAppliedFor

    WB threads..

    ...are gone now, and there won't be any further regarding the company and people's personal experiences with them. You're all on your own to work things out individually.
  16. PatentAppliedFor

    Cool YouTube clip on making LPs

  17. PatentAppliedFor

    Stolen guitar alert

    (Cut & Paste from former Sunburst pub thread by member lefty64) My home was robbed today. I have about 10 guitars and the only one stolen was my R8 2006 washed cherry plain top left handed serial #861152. Best guitar I ever owned. I live in Taunton Massachusetts. I still have my receipt and...
  18. PatentAppliedFor

    Fun new fiddle!

    Just got her today. This one is faaaat sounding, Duncan EVH pup =)