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  1. Charlie R57

    How to remove a...?

    Fingerboard. ? How hard is it to remove a fingerboard Intact I need one for my progect guitar and was going to try taking one off a guitar. Any tips Please.
  2. Charlie R57

    Guitar builders,I need help please

    I, building a guitar and need help with the Truss rod installation. The body is finished,but needs a little final work on the top carve. I've got the wood for the neck and wanted to start but I need to know how deep to rout the truss rod slot and if it is straight, or does it dip deeper in...
  3. Charlie R57

    Daves Has The...

    Daves Has The DMC coarse Knurled nut/switch washer, and the Tuner bushings back in stock if anyone has been waiting. ;)
  4. Charlie R57

    Tuner Buttons

    Allparts Kluson Tuner Key Buttons, New, Very good replica tuner buttons for '59 Reissue Les Pauls, $15.95/set of 6 Saw these at Daves Site. are these the good ones that Allparts and Lou's sold ?
  5. Charlie R57

    And Another Thing

    I was Checking the Bridge studs on all my LP's to see if any were Brass. The 57 was, But What I Did'nt Know was that the old Tailpiece Studs were Steel. Guess that also makes a tone difference Too. :wow
  6. Charlie R57

    Gibson Wire ?

    Does anyone know where I can get some of the Cloth Shielded wire that Gibson uses? I need to rewire a Guitar and wanted to use the Vintage stuff. Thanks.
  7. Charlie R57

    Neck or Bridge ?

    This is getting too.. Confusing. When someone gives a Recomedation on a P/U or Magnet change,could you Please state if the pickup is a Neck or Bridge that you are refering to ? It makes a world of difference, for instance the Antiquity mod in my case sounds best with the II in the neck but the...
  8. Charlie R57

    Finish Question

    :wah A drop of Duco cement landed on my R9 The TOP of my R9 :wah It burned thru the finish down to the wood. Its a little over an eighth inch in diameter :wah Is there any way I can fix this ? If I drop clear Laquer in, will the red and yellow colors bleed into the clear ? What can I do ? :wah
  9. Charlie R57

    Quacky Duckbucker pickups

    There has been talk about these freaks of Electronics. So I went on a search for myself EDR And 60 BURST said they got a Duckbucker, so I tried to duplicate one, Steps are below. 1. Flip a magnet in your P/U "I chose the neck " 2. Put Selector switch in Middle position. 3. Enjoy new...
  10. Charlie R57

    Marshall Lead 12

    Just picked one up at a small music store, $70.00. Sounds pretty good, the gain when cranked , sounds sort of Buzzy. The clean sound is Great. Can someone tell me when they stopped making these ? where were they made ?
  11. Charlie R57

    Just Talked To.....

    Just talked to someone at Seymour Duncan about Buying some P/U magnets, They said they dont sell P/U parts.:eek2 :dang :roll The other guys probably wont either. Anyway we talked about the difference between the Seth and Antiquity. They said the magnet change wouldnt bring it to Seth specs that...
  12. Charlie R57

    Antiquity Magnet change

    Got the neck antiquity and was expecting the Holy Grail tone. Dissapointment #1 (This is my Dumb Assed oppinion only) I thought, if this is what PAF tone is all about, Forget it. Let me remind you I dont have any PAF guitars to compare to and (This is my Dumb Assed Opinnion Only) But it was...
  13. Charlie R57

    Broken Magnet

    OK, I didnt like the sound of the Antiquity neck PU, So I was going to try the Magnet switch to full strength, but the magnet broke in half on the potted pick up I was removing it from. My Guess it's no good now. Am I right ???:eek :wah :pisd :alcy :grrr :doh :sick :roll :dang
  14. Charlie R57

    Antiquity bobbin color ?

    I just orderd a Antiquity neck P/U and was wondering what color bobin color to expect Are most black or are most Zebras ? Thanks Charlie R57
  15. Charlie R57

    Tad ?

    What do you think ? maybe a new alternitive to a separate home practice amp? http://www.smicz-amplification.com/tad.html
  16. Charlie R57

    I'm in..... I think

    I think your in Too I think.
  17. Charlie R57

    What's Happening Dudes?

    Sean, Is it working now.
  18. Charlie R57

    WHEW !!

    Hail Queen LILY !