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  1. christophervolum

    I just won this contest! Empty Hearts content!

    I entered this contest about a month ago online since im a huge elliot easton and clem burk fan. today i found out i actually won! i guess i cant say i never win anything anymore. if you havent heard the empty hearts new album, it's great 60s inspired power pop...
  2. christophervolum

    Paging Mr. Elliot Easton!!

    Elliot, i came across your new bands (the empty hearts) facebook page. i tried to find some tunes online but couldn't. clem burk is one of my favorite drummes ever and you, one of my favorite guitar players. can you tell me more about the band's sound and influences? thanks chris in salt lake.
  3. christophervolum

    My summer rig - photos

    i took a photo of the stuff i've been gigging the most this summer. this is for my dirty rhythm & blues band. been running my 335 & sg through a tweed fender blues jr. using a vox wah (v847 i think) boss tu2, voodoo lab sparkle drive, and a dunlop stereo tremolo.