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  1. tom wu

    T Top Knockoffs anyone ever hear of these guys?

    So I was flipping through fleabay, and I found a company that produces a T Top clone, using bobbins that look pretty close to the real ones. Anyone else see this "brandonwounds" , or try them out...
  2. tom wu

    Repairs done to 50s Les Pauls at Gibson: Any Records?

    Ok so this post one is a long time coming. I have a early 50s (54) Lester that was renecked early on in its life. Without naming any names, one prominent expert on all things LPs who worked on it told me the neck was likely a 1959 neck. Another person; a collector who knows a crapload about...
  3. tom wu

    CMDaugherty Hand Wound Pickups?

    Anyone try these handwound pickups? http://www.ebay.com/itm/CMD-HandWound-Black-Beauty-57-Humbucker-PAF-set-fits-Gibson-Les-Paul-Custom-Shop-/191013828733?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item2c794fb87d
  4. tom wu

    H80 guitar/Tim Shaw pickup owners Needed

    Ok after several debates in a baywatch thread http://www.lespaulforum.com/finalframes/frameset.htm I am looking for anyone who owns, has owned or wants to own either Gibson H80 guitars or Tim Shaw pickups. The purpose of is to document the unknown: When was the first H80 built? From many...
  5. tom wu

    Guitar Show in Miami Beach

    http://www.newportguitarfestivalmiamibeach.com/homepage.html Just curious if any high end Gibbys will be presented in the vintage area. Would also like to know if any LPF members are going? Hey, it aint Dallas..but it is within walking distance to South Beach. Also; keep in mind there are lots...
  6. tom wu

    '60 Burst at Joe Ganzler's Site

    :shvelhead '60 Burst at Ganzler's site Check out the light weight '60 burst -with '59 features and double zebras- over at Ganzler's site. Enough pictures to give anyone more gas than my girlfriend's frijoles negros.:fart http://www.ganzlerincorporated.com/ Click on Inventory...
  7. tom wu

    Pot question

    Hi :2cool I know some of you are experts on the subject of identifying potentiometers and trannys, etc in old amps, so here it goes; these parts were found in my J.W. Davis 401 model amp and I'd like a little info because I dig this old amps sound.:dude: The pots are all stamped PA224 and...
  8. tom wu


    I have been wanting to hear this amp. I'm an avid c-30 player and would like to hear from any matchless indepence guys, or people who tried them out. Any thoughts?
  9. tom wu

    Anyone know this amp maker?

    I was thinking of getting a backup for my HC30 and I saw this. Was wondering if anyone has tried it, or if they can give a little info on the builder, etc http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=007&item=170024869664&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1
  10. tom wu

    Wilma; My ultimate conversion Les Paul

    Ok..I hope you like this one because I'm really digging it. About a year ago I auctioned a guitar on ebay which I thought was a refinished 54 Goldtop with a few replaced parts. I offered local pickup and 24 hour aproval and so the winner -a well known and respected member of this here forum-...
  11. tom wu

    Help with tom-abr1 conversion parts

    Recently I bought a nashville bridge conversion kit from stew mac ( part number 5273 ) basically it's two screws that start thick at the body and get smaller where the bridge fits. This allows for a nashvile bridge to be replaced with an abr1 without replugging or drilling. After I screwed the...
  12. tom wu


    Hi guys I would like someone to help me break this crl date and what type of pot, if possible, from the stamped writing. It says; 134935 BA811- 1053 500k C2 I get the '59 and the 500K but what all else do those numbers / letters indicate? Thanks
  13. tom wu


    I am restoring an original 50s LP whose pots are shot. I looked into buying a harness with the pots and 3 way but they are getting 2-3K if found. Can somebody assist me with a tutorial of sorts to get these things opened and fixed? Even if it means putting the case on a newer pot as a last...
  14. tom wu

    Beauty and The Rabbi

    To set the story, which happened this morning, I have to give you a little background first; I live in South Fl. :jim In a very quiet neighborhood that ends on a cul-de-sac. At the end of the street -right behind the circle- there is a bridge. It is too small for cars but has proven perfect...
  15. tom wu

    Help Identifying and dating an ES335 CS

    Hi I would like to date a ES 335 from the Custom Shop ( They are prettier than the standard production ones lol ) But seriously..can someone give me a an idea about Custom Shop SN 81995529 ES 335 DOT and what year it was made? Also, if you would, what is the general concensus on these in the...
  16. tom wu


    Hi I was byrdlanded a while ago, only I found out only recently after reading an article on how to measure them. It's been on my Lps neck for a while and I like it. On the bridge is a normal PAF which actually sounds more glassy..but I always thought it was a bridge thing. My question is...
  17. tom wu


    Hi This may sound really dumb but I am wiring a LP with RS pots -50s style, humbuckers- and I came accross some sprague parts in the "abyss drawer". They look like bumble bees, they are light grey, have plastic covers and in black ink they read: SPRAGUE .022 - 400...
  18. tom wu


    Hi I have what looks like a 69 LP, it has no volute, no made is us stamp and a one piece body. It also has the one piece neck. The guy who sold it to me actually lied about that ( supp to be a 1 pc neck.. a late 68/"early 69" model) The guy also put embossed p-90s on it. Which I think are from a...
  19. tom wu

    authentic mini humbuckers choices??

    Hi I have been looking to switch a set of embossed p90s on an old LP to minihumbuckers. It seems though the guitar was a 69 model, someone changed the original pickups in 72 to those embossed p90s and, though I like the sound at home, it flat out sucks balls live. I know that a minihumbucker is...
  20. tom wu

    Historic vs 68 routed LP project

    Recently I purchased a pretty nice 68 LP. All the trademarks of the "first RI" are there..the 1pc neck/body , small headstock, etc however it had been routed for humbuckers and the headstock poorly repainted. I'm looking to do a conversion to '59 specs, using historic parts and a real set of...