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  1. Tweety

    Dicky Betts Dan Toler Burst

    I know the guitar had a refin by Gibson, but I read in a couple of places that it had a headstock repair. Can anyone confirm either way? Thanks in advance for any info
  2. Tweety

    WTB 1957/8 Gibson Gold Top Original, in Europe

    Hi there I'm looking for an original big neck 1957-58 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top (maple cap, white parts) in Europe. No major issues but happy with a refret. I'm in a position to offer a quick sale for the right guitar. Thanks for looking
  3. Tweety

    CITES and the Vintage market

    Hi Everyone I'd be interested in knowing anyone thoughts on how the CITES rules will affect the vintage guitar market particularly regarding Braz rosewood. If I understand the rules correctly if you want to import a vintage Les Paul from the US into Europe you need both export and import CITES...
  4. Tweety

    1957 Gold Top 250K

    Stunning guitar, I didn't realise they fetched an asking price like this. https://reverb.com/uk/item/3462137-gibson-les-paul-standard-1957-goldtop
  5. Tweety

    !957 Gold Top at GuitarPoint

    I just love this guitar, has anyone based in Europe had a chance to play it? Any ideas on how those spots got on the body? http://shop.guitarpoint.de/de/Gibson/1957-Gibson-Les-Paul-Standard-Goldtop1 Thanks
  6. Tweety

    SVL 61 Like matt Schofield

    Hello Everyone Looking to fund a non guitar project, so I'm afraid I have to let this one go. Simon Law of SVL guitars built this guitar for me a couple of years ago and it sounds wonderful and plays beautifully. Specs are as follows SVL 61 Guitar. 2 piece body, Daytona Blue, Lightly flamed...
  7. Tweety

    Marc Bolan Signature les paul

    Has anyone got any info on the the new Marc Bolan sig les paul. I know there's an aged and vos model. Any ideas on the numbers being made?
  8. Tweety

    50's wiring in Historics

    I'm looking at replacing the pickups in my 2010 R7 and have been advised to convert to 50s wiring.Are the current reissue les pauls wired in this fashion or not. Sorry if this has been asked before and thanks in advance for any help
  9. Tweety

    70s Les Paul Custom or Historic model

    Are any of you guys able to comment on the differences between an early Les Custom ( 70-74) and the current custom shop ones. I really interested in the sound differences. I know its all subjective, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks:dude:
  10. Tweety

    Marc Bolan style Les Paul

    Heres a pic of my Bolan style Les Paul. Its a 58RI refinished in Bolan style orange. The guitar also plays great
  11. Tweety

    George Harrison Les Paul 57 reissue

    I've come across a Gibson Les Paul ´57 Reissue V.O.S. "Harrison Style that looks really cool. Does anyone have any info on the guitar, for example when and how many were made, neck shape etc. Thanks for any info given
  12. Tweety

    50th Anniversary R58 VOS

    Does anyone have any info on a limited run of '58 VOS Les Pauls produced with figured tops made to the 50th anniversary spec. Are these the same as the Murphy aged ones but VOS. Do they play as well as the aged ones? Any info would be appreciated
  13. Tweety

    Which Fender combo

    I'm looking at a few Fender combos, The Twin Pro tube, Twin reissue,Supersonic, and Super Reverb. I mainly play at home, no neighbours, and do the odd gig, I play mainly blues with a bit of Jazz. I've tried the supersonic which was impressive but I have little experience with Fender amps and...
  14. Tweety

    Which amp to nail this tone

    If you take the Dumbles out of the question and Robben's magic fingers, which amp do you guys think can nail Robbens overdriven tone without pedals and using a Les Paul. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7E_iWuvofQ&feature=related
  15. Tweety

    Rossington or 50th anniversary R8

    Has anyone been lucky enough to play both guitars and if so can you provide some feedback. Thanks in advance for any help
  16. Tweety

    Marc Bolan's Les Paul

    Does anyone have any info about Marc Bolan's famous orange Les Paul. I think it may have been a goldtop of some sort which was refinished. He also put a Les Paul custom neck on it when he broke the original. I think the guitar was stolen in 1977. I'd love to know where that guitar is.
  17. Tweety

    Slash Relic Les paul

    Hi there I'm sorry if this has been discussed before but i'm struggling to find any info on this model regarding numbers. Is the relic Slash sig guitar really a limited edition and how many are Gibson releasing. Thanks
  18. Tweety

    Buying Historic unseen. Experiences?

    I am looking to buy a R8 or R9. The choice here in Europe is pretty poor so I'm looking at bringing in one from the US. I know you need to try as many as you can but its just not possible here. I would be interested in anyones experience who has done the same and which dealers you think are...
  19. Tweety

    New UK amp builder WKZ Amps

    Ive just got hold of a WKZ Little Devil 50 watt top and cab which is giving me tremendous results with my Gibson and strat. It gives a kind of old marshall type tone but with more cut and really lets the guitar tone shine through as opposed to hiding it with mega gain and mush. Check the site...
  20. Tweety

    07 R9 fatter sound than 07 R8

    I'm looking at getting either a 07 R9 or R8,I prefer larger necks so I am being drawn towards the R8. However in a recent Guitarist review they said the R9 sounded fatter than the R8. I thought they were essentially the same guitar with a different neck profile, so am slightly confused. Has...