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  1. JJ Jones

    Heavy rock video, made by me! Check it out!

    We shot a video for Swedish hard rock band Free From Sin. They recorded their latest album in the studio where I work. Check them out here! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MJqfZbO8iKk
  2. JJ Jones

    2018 Les Paul Classic

    Seems to be a Gold Top with P-90's! :peace2 https://wildwoodguitars.com/product/180006481/2018-les-paul-classic-2/?cat_id=21819 https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=11&v=Xza8f2ZKWgQ
  3. JJ Jones

    Clapton again: what Burst is this?

    Or maybe you say which Burst is this. My English are much badly. :)
  4. JJ Jones

    Random internet guy playing a 1960 DC Special.

    Here is a clip of me playing my only vintage Gibson, a 1960 DC Special. On a certain fret it really sings. Is that the "Bloom" everyone is talking about When it comes to vintage Gibsons? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjnzI8GoBzQ
  5. JJ Jones

    1960 Specials: Knobs and switch tips.

    My Special has black reflector knobs and a white switch tip. The serial no is 0 5886. Serial no 0 5887 and 0 5894 has black knobs and amber switch tip. 0 5887 0 5894 So is my guitar the last one with reflectors? :) Or did they switch back and forth? A few parts on my guitar has been...
  6. JJ Jones

    Three Lesters in one clip

    Here' a great clip from 1971 of Swedish "supergroup" Marsfolket playing two songs. Three fifties Les Pauls is to be seen and heard! The guy on the organ, Björn Skifs, had a number one billboard hit in 74 with Hooked on a Feeling. The sunburst to the right (played by the guy who sings and...
  7. JJ Jones

    Guitars: The Museum

    Twin brothers Åhdén i Umeå, Sweden has now opened their museum showing their vast collection of vintage guitars. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueHRzyW4G3k
  8. JJ Jones

    SG 61 RI or The VOS one?

    What are the main differences between the two models? I have just started to look at SG's and even if the VOS looks cooler, I can't seem to get over the quite large difference in price. I got a Burny SG a year ago that fueled the GAS for a Gibson too.
  9. JJ Jones

    Funny looking Special

    This Special is advertised as a refinished '60. But the toggle placement is like on the first DC's isn't it? The pickguard looks different than from a '60, and '58-59's too for that matter. Just thought it was interesting.
  10. JJ Jones

    My 1960 Les Paul Special and younger sister! :)

    My 1960 Les Paul (SG) Special serial number is 0 5886. I was just looking at Specials at gbase and guess what I found... 0 5887! Now that is cool! 0 5886 0 5887
  11. JJ Jones

    My new favourite Les Paul player: Doug Aldrich!

    I was at Sweden Rock Festival this weekend (Swedens largest music festival with 33000 sold tickets). One of the bands was Whitesnake and I really liked Dougs playing. Reb Beach was good to but he played Suhrs so he belongs in another forum. :) Doug did most of the soloing, sure, lots of...
  12. JJ Jones

    Wraparound tailpieces

    Are there any alternatives to Tonepros and Pigtail out there? I'm talking about a vintage style wrap for a Jr.
  13. JJ Jones

    Peter Green documentary?

    Is this some kind of trailer for a documentary on Peter Green? It is rather short otherwise. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5FMm6TtR9M
  14. JJ Jones

    Has anyone heard of "Vintage clone parts"?

    I was looking for a nice LP case and found something called " Vintage Clone Parts". Apparently made in the US: http://www.allpartsjapan.com/products/vintageclone/vintageclone02.html They have lots of cool LP parts.
  15. JJ Jones

    Non original parts...

    My 1960 Special misses the following parts: a tailpiece, the pickguard and the truss rod cover. Now, how much does that affect the value of the whole guitar? Let's say that the parts would cost a 1000 USD. Is the guitar worth 1000 USD less than a guitar in similar condition (NOT mint but no...
  16. JJ Jones

    Help me with this '57 Junior, please!

    I found a 1957 LP Jr for sale, and it has a few small "issues". Tuners have been replaced and now a set of period correct ones have been reinstalled but with new plastic tips. The pots are new. And then there are four holes behind the tailpiece, not from a vibrato, it looks more like someone...
  17. JJ Jones

    Heavy strings!

    I use 11's on all my guitars. On my Fender type guitars they are great but on my Gibsons they feel like 9's or something. Those of you that are using heavier strings, what gauge have you settled on? Thanks JJ
  18. JJ Jones

    Junior --> Special conversion??

    This "Special" guitar is sold but it could be a fun discussion. It has several Junior traces. Screw holes from a dogear cover, hacked up neck pickup cavity, filled holes lining up quite perfectly for a Juniors volume and tone knobs. Whaddyathink? :) And more pix here
  19. JJ Jones

    MATSUMOTO Double Cutaway!

    MATSUMOTO Double Cutaway: Kinda weird looking with the switch located at the upper horn. :wha
  20. JJ Jones

    Expensive autograph!

    http://www.gbase.com/gearlist/guitar_picture.asp?guitar=589870 :)