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    Keith Richard's 1957 Les Paul

    Gram Parsons never owned a Sunburst Les Paul- The trade story is bogus........
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    Goldtop Believers

    Got mine a couple of days ago- Great book!!
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    1959 JR DC Stinger

    Play it!- Carefully! lol
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    My 52 (convert or to convert 2)

    I would look for another guitar to convert.... An all original Les Paul ( even a 1952! lol) should be left alone!
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    Aged 60th Anniversary 2019 59 Les Paul

    Is there a version of the 60th Anniversary Les Paul aged by Gibson? Has anyone seen or played one? Thanks!
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    Collectors Choice # 15

    Looking for a Greg Martin Collectors Choice # 15.. rhinowti has one for sale in the members classified. But I can't get any response from him. Does anyone know who he is or have one for sale? Thanks in advance for any help! Chuck Dale
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    Looking for a Greg Martin CC # 15

    Looking for a Collectors Choice # 15... One is for sale here but I can't get a response from the seller... If any one has one my email is csmith2077@triad.rr.com Thanks! Chuck Dale Smith
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    Case for Ibanez Rocket Roll Flying V 1975

    Does anyone have a nice case to fit an Ibanez Rocket Roll Flying V Lawsuit guitar from 1975? Thanks in advance- Chuck Dale
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    Case for Ibanez Rocket Roll Flying V 1975

    Does anyone know if an Ibanez Rocket Roll Flying V from 1975 fits Gibson or TKL, or Stagg cases? Thanks! Chuck Dale
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    Collectors Choice Question

    Are some or all of the Collectors choice models aged by Tom Murphy?? Thanks in advance!
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    Collectors Choice Question

    I've seen pics of many of the Collectors Choice models that have the strings over the tailpiece from the Gibson factory- My question is what are the advantages or disadvantages of this setup... Thanks!
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    Les Paul TV jr reissue...

    I recently purchased a Les Paul TV Jr reissue... The tone pot was bad- when it got to 0 it had full treble again. The replacement pot was in stalled by a friend that has been doing repairs for years..Now it sound a little more shrill- could it be my imagination( haven't had it that long) or...
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    Black Les Paul Custom Shop Cases

    The Music Zoo says they don't make the Black Custom Shop case anymore and are shipping Historic guitars in Brown Lifton cases... Is this true??
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    New Rolling Sones Lost Photos Book

    Has anyone seen this new book? Has lots of new photos of Keith with his Burst.....
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    The Boss,Little Steven at The Super Bowl

    Was that a reissue LP that little Steven was playing at the Super Bowl last night?
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    Charlotte Guitar Show

    Did any Forum members go? There were several 52-54 Goltops, a few specials and Jrs and a few old Teles and Strats, and some 50's Fender amps. Anyone take pictures?
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    Les Paul Legacy Book

    Amazon say the Les Paul book will be delivered by 9/19/07. Has anyone else received this information? Thanks, Chuck
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    Lily -Les Paul Forum T-Shirts

    Lily, how do I order the 2X T-Shirt as it is not an option on the merchandise page. Thanks for the update that you have one and please save it for me. Thanks, Chuck
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    Bee Gees Burst

    Does anyone remember the guitar player for the Bee Gees named Vince Melouney?I've seen a few pics from old Hit Parader and other rock mags from that era with a sunburst Les Paul. I also remember him on Ed Sullivan or The Smothers Brothers with that guitar. This would be 1967-68, so he would be...