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  1. Sean French

    The most wonderful gift.

    Been a long time since I've posted a thread here. My B-Day was in July and a dear High School Bro shocked the hell out of me. He sent me his '01 LP Standard for my B-Day. :yah It's not only beautiful , it's among the top two best sounding LPs I've ever owned. The feel is incredible too. The '59...
  2. Sean French

    Back in the LP game. 50's Tribute incoming.

    Just bought a used '10 LP 50's Tribute GT. Will have it this weekend.:peace2 Played several 60's models at GC but, wanted a '10 50's as it has a rosewood board. The 60's neck is a bit too thin for my taste. My GC doesn't have the 50's. I've been without a LP for two years since I sold my last...
  3. Sean French

    Help: Vibrolux Reverb issues?

    Just pickup up a silverface 1978 Vibrolux Reverb. The vibrato and reverb do not work.I know I need the footswitch for the vibrato to work.I don't believe the reverb needs the footswitch to work.Does it?Pan is hooked up. Also when I'm only plugged into the vibrato channel the normal channel adds...
  4. Sean French

    '07 ES-339 is on the way

    Hello all. :peace2 Been a long time since I posted here at the LPF. I've not had a Gibby in my stable for over a year. Now, I have an incoming '07 339 in Cherry with a 30/60 neck. Even has a RS vintage kit installed. I bought a vintage sunburst 339 in '07 from MF right when they came out.I...
  5. Sean French

    1980 JMP 50 watt incoming

    Just bought a '80 JMP 50 watter master volume head.:headbange It has been coverted to use EL-34' other than that it's completely stock. I had two JMP' back in the 80's and 90's along with a '68 Plexi, two JCM 800' and two 900'. It was time to come back home so to speak.:peace2
  6. Sean French

    '07 Cherry ES-339 on the way

    Hello all.:peace2 Been a long time since I posted here at the LPF. I've not had a Gibby in my stable for over a year. Now, I have an incoming '07 339 in Cherry with a 30/60 neck.:headbange Even has a RS vintage kit installed. I bought a vintage sunburst 339 in '07 from MF right when they came...
  7. Sean French

    My '06 R0 has Zebra's are back in it.

    Oops I goofed the thread title.Oh well.... My '06 R0 is back to having double reverse zebra's.:dude: I've always prefered reverse zebra's with my Darkburst.Installed a set of custom wound Wolfetone Legends a couple of months ago.Out of all the pickups I've had in this R0 this set of Legends is...
  8. Sean French

    Voodoo '59 vs Wolfetone Legend

    Looking for opinions from those who have real world experience with either or preferably both sets. I am looking to get one set soon and would appreciate getting the scoop. I have or had Wolfetone Dr. V's,Duncan Ants,WCR Crossraods,WCR Filmores,RS Fralin',WB' 67/07,Rick Norman(aka Dr...
  9. Sean French

    R4 Historic Makeover has landed.

    Here are some pics of my R4 HM package B.:headbange Dave does amazing work. The reshape he did of the neck makes it feel very much like the many vintage GT's I've played.Simply wonderful. Some details still need to be done.Like aged bone white pickup covers,aged speed knobs and aging of the new...
  10. Sean French

    Almost time.

    This will be in my hands soon.:headbange
  11. Sean French

    Treble Bleed caps.What are you using?

    I'm using 220pf caps for my '06 R0 and a 180pf in my '97 PRS McCarty. Both have 50's wiring as well. My Tele don't need no stinkin' treble bleed.:lol Curious what others are using. I'm always game to experiment with different caps. What's the scoop with the cap/resitor combo?
  12. Sean French

    Check this out

    http://www.brasschecktv.com/ Watch the 9/11 files and the secret gov't.
  13. Sean French

    Marshall 2061X 20 watt.Thoughts/opinions

    Been without an EL-84 amp for far too long.Been hearing good and sometimes not so good things about the 2061X.OT issues etc. If I get one it will be used as they go for under 1K. I have not played one yet as my local GC doesn't have one. Let me know the scoop. Thanks.:salude
  14. Sean French

    Austin Speaker Works = Amazing

    Who else has discovered these amazing speakers? I've been playin' with the KTS-70 in my cabs for quite a while now and all I can say is WOW!! Tight,full low end that does not get the least bit flubby. Mids that cut but,are very natural sounding.Not a hint of nasalness and I have yet to...
  15. Sean French

    335 experts.Do you see anything wrong?

    This is a shot of a 1967 ES-335 headstock. Just thought I would help a guy out on TGP and post this here for the experts to view. Here is the thread over at TGP. http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showthread.php?t=522211
  16. Sean French

    While I slept after our Turkey dinner yesterday..

    my wife a daughter went shopping. They came home with an X box 360 and Guitar Hero.:lol So,now they both have been glued to this game since last night. Ahhh,peace for 'ol dad out in his music room for a while.:dude:
  17. Sean French

    My '06 R0 Darkburst has a new look and sound.

    Well,I wanted to try out some new pickups I had.They are Rick Norman'(aka Dr. Vintage)Unburst set.Had them in my GT for a couple of months.They sounded so great that I wanted them in my Darkburst.When doin' the pu swap I thought I would also install some DMC rings and a Allparts replica...
  18. Sean French

    Mid 90's Historic SC Special??

    I know they vary but,how are the neck carves usually on mid to late 90's single cut Special's?
  19. Sean French

    Arlington '08 photos

    Here are some pics I took yesterday. I didn't take a bunch this time.Played a few Burst' and GT' along with a bunch of Juniors and 50's Tele's.:wail Feel free to add photos from the show. Two of the four know lefty Burst' were on display.
  20. Sean French

    My '07 R0 sporting Uncle Lou' Premium tips

    Picked up a set of Uncle Lou' premium tips from Kim a while back. Since I didn't know what I was doing I felt it best left to the professionals. So,I sent a spare set of Historic tuners I had to Rick Norman,aka Dr. Vintage,for him to do the swap. Thanks Rick.:salude I've had them back for quite...