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    Gibson Custom Shop 1956 Les Paul Reissue - Burst

    I have a nice Gibson Les Paul Studio 50's Tribute with P-90s. One reason I love it is because it was not the standard color and is HoneyBurst. I did not play it a lot and decided to try using it again. I discovered the problem was tuning and fixed it by installing a new set of tuners. I have...
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    2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded

    I have a 2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded but the high e falls off. I saw the 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded is available at Long & Mcquade. Looks like cover Classic '57 and classic '57+ humbucking pickups this time around. How can I get one of these...
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    Fusion F1 vs Fusion Urban vs Mono Virtuso Gig Bag

    Fusion F1 vs Fusion Urban vs Mono Vertigo Gig Bag - no worries with my LP CS I bought a Fusion F1 gig bag back in 2011. I use it for all my guitars including my Les Pauls, Strats, and Tele. It is getting near the point where I need a new gig bag. Someone recommended a Mono Vertigo. Here is my...
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    Which TonePros bridge for a 2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded?

    Which TonePros bridge for a 2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded?
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    Gibson LP 1959 Reissue vs Gibson LP 1960 Plain Top Reissue (G0)

    I bought a Gibson Les Paul 1960 Plain Top VOS Reissue (G0) in 2010. I got the G0 because I tried a 1958 reissue and in 2010 the necks was baseball-bat-plus-sized. The G0 is a nice guitar, sounds great and plays well. I replaced the Burstbucker 1&2 with a set of Kloppmann HB 59's. After buying...
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    Fret size difference 2016 Paul Standard Faded vs 2010 Les Paul G0

    Took my 2010 Les Paul G0 to my tech to have the action adjusted. We noticed the fret wire on the G0 is lower than on 2016 Les Paul Standard Faded. What is difference in frets used between these two guitars?
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    2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded

    I picked up my new 2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded in August from a store in Den Haag. It took me a few tries before I found the right one. I went from buying online to getting one from a store where I could try a couple out first. It has a reasonably nice top and good weight at 8.3 lbs. I...
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    Replace 2013 Gibson Les Paul 60's Tribute with a 2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded?

    I have a Gibson Les Paul 60's Tribute. It is nice guitar with Corian nut, Grover tuners, Custom Shop Burstbucker 1 & 2 pickups, 60's profile neck, mahogany body and neck (strategic weight relief), and a rosewood fingerboard. It is a little heavy at 8.75 lbs (8 pounds 14 ounces). I had a 2009...
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    Going to order a set of Kloppman HB 59s for my G0

    Like the title says, l am going to order a set of Kloppman HB 59svfor my G0. Anyone else have a set of Kloppmans?
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    Before Getting New Pups for G0 I am Gonna Try ...

    The Burstbucker 1 and 2 in my Les Paul 60's Tribute sound amazing. The Burstbucker 1 and 2 in my G0, especially the neck pickup, don't really sound that great. The action on the G0 is a lower than the Les Paul 60's Tribute. So, I am going to try to do a setup and have the pickups adjusted. Any...
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    2010 Gibson Les Paul 50's Tribute

    I always wanted an affordable Gibson Les Paul with P-90s. For a long time, however, Gibson offered finish options limited to heritage cherry, tv yellow, and sometimes ebony. That changed in 2010 when Gibson released the 50's Tribute series with finish options including a gold top, cherry burst...
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    Les Pauls I previously owned - my Les Paul Faded

    I bought a Les Paul Faded in 2007. Those were nice guitars with Burstbucker Pro pickups and a thin nitro finish. The nut was not properly cut and it would not stay in tune. So, I sold it in 2010 to buy a Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul.
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    2010 G0

    in 2009, I sold my two Les Pauls because neither stayed in tune. In 2010, I shopped around for a Les Paul and planned to buy a Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro. However, Gibson USA stopped production due to the flood in Nashville around that time. So, I ended up buying this 2010 G0. It is a good...
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    My past and present guitar collection - my second Les Paul

    Les Pauls I Previously Owned - My 1980 Les Paul Custom The story behind my second Les Paul: I wanted a nice Les Paul for an good price. My solution involved the San Diego Reader. The Reader was a free magazine given out every Thursday at various locations in San Diego. It contained stories and...
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    My past and present guitar collection - my first Les Paul

    I am posting some pictures of my past and present guitar collection. Let me first start with the my first Les Paul. I bought this guitar while I was in high school which is around 1978. I worked the whole summer and saved $350 to buy this "The Paul" from Guitar Trader in San Diego. It was a nice...
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    Les Paul 60's Tribute

    I recently picked up a new 2013 Les Paul 60's Tribute with BB1 & BB2 pickups. The BB1 & BB2 pickups really deliver and even the neck pickup sounds good. I use it more than my G0 or LP 50's Tribute. Anyone else have a Les Paul 60's Tribute? Are the BB1 & BB2 the same pickups for Custom Shop Les...