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  1. OKGuitar

    Show off Your "First Rack" ES-345's

    OK, I'll start this thread. For those who don't know what a "first rack" 345 is, it is a term I credit to Gil Southworth that describes the very first 100 or so ES-345's built by Gibson in 1959. Although there are two or three earlier examples that surfaced last year from February of 59, the...
  2. OKGuitar

    First ES-335?

    In my never ending quest for ES-335 knowledge, I'm trying to find the lowest known serial number ES-335. I seem to recall one in the A27685 range a few years ago but I wasn't paying that much attention at the time. The earliest serial I've seen recently is A2770x (it's not mine so I don't want...
  3. OKGuitar

    "First Rack" ES-345's

    I'm trying to get a sense of the timeline regarding very early ES-345s. The lowest serial that I know of is Tom H's blondie in the A296xx range. These early 345s have some characteristics that later went away but there is some inconsistency (big surprise) in both the serial number sequence and...
  4. OKGuitar

    "1960" Block Neck 335.

    I love the weird stuff from Gibson that requires amateur sleuthing. I'm looking for theories about this one. Let me explain. I bought this nice "62" block from a gentleman who had owned it since 1974. When I got it, the only thing that struck me was how shallow the neck angle was for a 62-more...
  5. OKGuitar

    W-i-i-i-de Nut '65 SG

    I keep track of little things like measurements and weights on the guitars that pass through my hands. Up until today, the widest nut I had ever encountered on a 50's or 60's Gibson electric was a 59 ES-335 with a nut width that measured 1.693. For those who don't do the math 1 11/16" which we...
  6. OKGuitar

    Red 59 Dot Neck ES-335

    This showed up on my doorstep a few weeks ago. There are, I believe, only four of them (and a 58). In deference to the spam police, I didn't post it until it was sold.
  7. OKGuitar

    Fingerboard Woods

    I was reading the SG Jr. thread and wondered... Can anybody truly say that they can hear a significant (or even discernible) difference in tone between a Brazilian board, a maple board, an ebony board, a Madagascar board and an Indian board. I know the conventional wisdom says that Brazilian...
  8. OKGuitar

    SG Heel Question

    I love SGs but I'm not really an SG guy. I'm learning more about them as I play and acquire more and more of them (it's my second favorite Gibson line). Recently I bought a 62 from a LPF member and it was sold as an unbroken, unrepaired, no neck reset example. It is a beautiful guitar and I paid...
  9. OKGuitar

    Fedex Damage

    I recently bought a very, very clean '64 SG. It came today and was very well packed but when I opened it, I saw that it was loaded into the box headstock down, which didn't bode well. When I opened the case everything looked great until I turned it over. The were two sort of "flap" like breaks...
  10. OKGuitar

    Very Late LP TV Special

    A LP Special with a 62 serial number walked into my office today (and I might add, didn't walk out.). I wasn't planning on buying a Special but sometimes opportunity smacks you in the face, so, once again I have a guitar I know almost nothing about. Here's what I do know-The serial is in the...
  11. OKGuitar

    Highest DC Resistance on a PAF or Pat #?

    I've seen a lot of PAFs and Patent number pickups over the past 45 years since I started playing and for the past ten years or so, I've measured every one that has passed through my hands. That's probably 500 or so. I'm sure some of you have seen triple that number or more and I wanted to get...
  12. OKGuitar

    Dodgy Parts Refinned 52 GT

  13. OKGuitar

    Varitone "Shootout" Update

    Well, gents, I was shooting for this coming Saturday but that isn't going to work. I've got a family crisis to deal with and I hope we can get it together for the 9th of July. Those who would like to participate, email me at cgelber@gtvnyc.com. I've got plenty of space. It will be taking place...
  14. OKGuitar

    Price Check 52/56 Goldtop

    I have the opportunity to buy a 52 GT that was, apparently, redone as a 56 at the Gibson factory. neck reset, stop tail, tune-o-matic added. Refinished and aged by TM while still at Gibson. The guitar has never been broken. Original pickups, harness, knobs and case. I have no clue what this is...
  15. OKGuitar

    Missing Certificate

    Does anybody know what you need to do to get Gibson to issue a duplicate certificate of authenticity? I recently acquired a Rossington SG from an auction and they managed to keep all the hang tags in the case but didn't include the certificate. There was a load of "artist" limited editions in...
  16. OKGuitar

    The End of the Varitone Controversy?

    Those of you who know me (and some who don't) are aware that I write a 335 blog. On the blog, I suggested a "shootout" between the best stock ES 335 we could find and the best stock ES 345. Vintage Guitar has given me its blessing to do it as a VG article and, hopefully, put the "Evil Tone...