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  1. G Jarvis

    Germino Master Lead 55

    Got my Master Lead 55 from Greg over the holidays and absolutely love it!! The 2204 circuit has always been a favorite of mine and had to try Greg’s take. Missed out on the Marks Guitar Loft run a couple years back. Greg has hit the nail directly on the head with this one. Can’t turn it off...
  2. G Jarvis

    Metropoulos Metroplex in the House!

    Could not resist any longer! The pull had been pretty strong on this one. Have had it for a week now and I could not be happier. This is one helluva amp guys. George has created the ultimate Plexi. One of the absolute best volume clean up amps I've played. And yes, it keeps the chime! Feels like...
  3. G Jarvis

    Van Weelden Royal Overdrive

    Don't hear a lot about Peter's preamp pedal. Have had one for about a year. Second one came earlier this month. It's very unique and different from all the other dirt boxes I've tried. Mainly bought to use for my various vintage Fender amps when not using my Ultra Phonix Bassman. Anyone else...