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  1. bratpack7

    OD advice

    My Blues Jr III sounds a little too harsh with my humbuckers when I go for some gain. I like what my BD2 sounds like with a low gain setting, but not a fan of what happens when I turn it up. So I was thinking of stacking a pedal to provide a warm crunch when I need it. Does anyone have a...
  2. bratpack7

    Amp EQ all rolled off

    Does anybody play with the treble, bass, and mids all rolled off and use just guitar tone? I was playing with EQ and started at 0 for everything and it sounds pretty good. Master and Volume up, Reverb to taste and BD3 gain at 10:00 It seems weird, but I kind of like it
  3. bratpack7

    Thoughts on compression to tame bite.

    LP through BD2 to Blues Junior with Cannabis Rex speaker. I turn the Master way up and control loudness with Volume control, and this results in a nice tone to my ears. I use the BD2 gain on about 10 o'clock and so if I want some crunch I use guitar volume and attack. The problem is my...
  4. bratpack7

    LP Standard specs through the years?

    I thought there was a pinned thread on this site that summarized all the differences in spec and hardware through the years, but I can't find it anymore. Maybe it was embedded in another thread? The website that covers all the Traditional models is very informative and I would love to see a...
  5. bratpack7

    Tube amp noise - Help

    Blues Jr., just had my EL84's replaced. Brought it home and sounded great. Today went to play and there is a distorted buzz every time I pluck a string. It lasts until the note fades a bit and then is gone. It happens whether or not the amp it set up clean or with gain. Any ideas? Could it be a...
  6. bratpack7

    What scale is San Ho Zay lead played in?

    There are a lot of 8 - 10 fret notes played on the A D and G strings, sort of like the A-minor blues scale at the 5th fret, but I don't see any scales that use the 8th and 10th fret like that. It sounds very bluesy and I can ride in that pocket over a C major jam for quite a while. I don't know...
  7. bratpack7

    Tension and resolution notes.

    When playing simple phrases in Blues, sometimes I hit a bad note. In the middle of the phrase it is easier to recover, but at the end it just kills the mood. My question is this: What are the safe tension and resolution notes in a given key?
  8. bratpack7

    What settings do you use on your Blues Junior (or similar)

    For a slightly crunchy blues sound that I can solo with, I have a foot switch for the FAT channel, and I have borrowed a Maxon OD808. Here are my questions. 1. Does the FAT switch boost the preamp tubes, the big tubes or all of them? Is it doing the exact same thing as the OD pedal? 2. Is it...
  9. bratpack7

    Love in Vain

    Does anybody here do Love in Vain as a lone guitar with a mix of finger picking and slide fills? I would be interested to know what tuning you do it in. When I play it acoustically I play in standard tuning, key of G, but without a solo. I would like to play it on my LP similar to the Ya Ya's...
  10. bratpack7

    Recommend your favorite pedal (Blues/Blues Rock)

    I play a Les Paul through a Fender Blues Junior with the Cannibus Rex speaker. I would like to set it up reasonably clean and then run a pedal for solos and grit. It had the fat button on it but I don't have a foot switch. So I would like some opinions. The Boss Blues Driver seems like a...
  11. bratpack7

    Custom made Cajon from my wife for Christmas.

  12. bratpack7

    BJ for my Birthday

    Seems my awesome wife actually listens to my ramblings on over gear. I received a Blues Junior in wine red with a wheat grille cloth loaded with a Cannabis Rex for my birthday. Absolutely love the sound and I echo all those who rave about this amp.
  13. bratpack7

    Tinsley Ellis

    Can't stop listening to his latest record "tough love". Not a weak song on the entire album, highly recommend it.
  14. bratpack7

    Blues Junior speaker question

    Can anyone clear up question I have about the stock speaker? On the Fender web site they list a Eminence lightning bolt speaker. But a flyer from my local music shop advertises an Eminence Cannabis Rex speaker. Is this a limited run model? I see the review on BillM site for this speaker mod is...
  15. bratpack7

    looking for a combo

    I want to buy a tube combo 20w or less. The 18w shootout thread made really made me want a bluesbreaker, but that is out of my price range. I would like some suggestions on amps that come close to this sound without the use of pedals. Anybody here have experience with Traynor? Also, can anybody...
  16. bratpack7

    1982 Marshall 2204

    I have a Canadian model 2204 (EL34) that I bought new 33 years ago. I am considering selling it but I don't really know what a fair price would be. For those that know these things, is it valued the same as all other 2204's? I've read that this model is rarer, but is there demand for this? It...
  17. bratpack7

    Better phrasing

    I'm interested in how other people develop phrasing. I always tend to play the same notes and it really just sounds like I am playing scales. I know singing your melody is one technique, and if anyone can recommend specific songs or solos that helped them, it would be most helpful. My music of...
  18. bratpack7

    What do you play...

    When you go to a guitar store and pull one off the shelf? Or when you are out and someone sticks a guitar in your hands and says "play something"? We could even break it down into electric and acoustic.
  19. bratpack7

    5 people, 1 guitar. Kinda cool

  20. bratpack7

    How to spot a fake LP

    On the Gibson site there is a checklist of things to look for when trying to confirm authenticity of a Les Paul. One of the items is "make sure the pickup cavity is not painted black inside." Is this an absolute indicator? I haven't had mine apart in quite a while but I think my ebony LP might...