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  1. Hifi

    68 reissue black beauty

    Hey, I have a 68 Les Paul custom in the mail, and after looking at the all the specs I have some questions. (btw, I chose this model because of the maple cap, pickups, and neck shape. So the other stuff is not a reason that sways my purchase.) The 68 seems to be the only reissue that doesn’t...
  2. Hifi

    Les Paul BB4 1954 Reissue Owners

    Hi, anyone that has a 54 reissue black beauty can you post a pic of the neck cavity? I have one that looks like a short tenon and I’d like to gather some research. This is a 97
  3. Hifi

    Murphy lab… plastic?

    I’ve noticed that Gibsons aged guitars don’t seem to get aged plastics even on heavy aged models.. What on earth is the thought process here? I have a 2016 r8 and the metal parts have a nice patina, the plastic stuff is all brand new. This looks super cheap to me and although I’m getting good...
  4. Hifi

    NGD : Oddball '71 Les Paul

    Hey guys, today I picked up what is supposed to be a 1971 Les Paul deluxe and it has some features that seem odd so I wanted to share and see if anyone has opinions or insight. It seems to have a 2 piece top, natural finish. ABR1 bridge goes straight into the top, appears to have a refret. The...
  5. Hifi

    Historic Black Touch Up - B4

    Hello, I just purchased my second historic Les Paul Custom, a 2001 ‘54 reissue. There is a small spot where the finish was taken off and I’d like to touch it up, It’s the size of a dime. I recently sold my first one which was a 2001 ‘57 and the finish had a small spot where it came off, and...