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  1. MelMann

    Creamtone website disappeared?

    I've been waiting over a year for $200 worth of stuff.
  2. MelMann

    PRO-CONS 2004 Jimmy Page CA VOS vs. 2020 1960th anniversary '60 Reissue

    I've owned 3 Pages over the years. I think I liked the concept more than the actual guitars. If you've not tried one it would be a good idea to try before buying if possible. The necks are pretty weird. I can get used to any neck eventually, but they are kind of strange feeling. I think the...
  3. MelMann

    Supro amp market?

    I'm downsizing my gear and want to sell some of my Supros. I'm having a heckof a time figuring out ballpark values for these. Very few completed listings on ebay. I haven't followed the Supro market for many years, having bought all of them for the cheap prices they used to sell for way back...
  4. MelMann

    CV Guitars Peter Green sound clip

    Folks, I just put up a song featuring my CV Guitars Peter Green tribute Les Paul in case you want to hear another sample of one. Mine is #78. Go to my band's page (http://www.myspace.com/misadventureblues) and have a listen to "Stop Messin' Around." That's the PG into a Marshall. The clip is a...
  5. MelMann

    Another Peter Green Faded from CV Guitars

    A few weeks ago I received my new Peter Green tribute Faded Les Paul from CV. I can't say enough about how nice the guitar is, and how great the service from CV was. If anyone is thinking of a faded, do yourself a favor and check out their website before you buy. I've had a second faded for...
  6. MelMann

    Skinny neck on Jimmy Page

    I haven't tried one myself, but in an email exchange with a guy who tried the prototype at NAMM he was saying how tiny and skinny the neck on the new Jimmy Page model is. Anyone confirm? There is so much interest in this model and it seems to be hard to get one preordered at all. What I think is...
  7. MelMann

    Got my Black Beauty refret back

    Well, I got my guitar back from the shop last week, and I am really happy. Thanks to you who encouraged me to go ahead and refret it (it's a '59 fretless--well, not anymore!--wonder). I had the tech put in 6150s, and the guitar still feels great, and you can actually bend strings on it now! I...
  8. MelMann

    Tonebender History article: attn.: John Catto

    John and anyone else interested in Tone Benders, check out the new issue of Guitar (UK). There is a really great article with lots of pictures of the history of the Tone Bender. John could probably comment on its accuracy, but it seems solid and the pictures are great (I've never seen even...
  9. MelMann

    Beatle amp with no footswitch

    I've got probably the world's ugliest Beatle amp (1141), with no footswitch, of course. The only thing you need the footswitch for is to turn on the distortion. It uses one of those 6 pin (I think) DIN plugs. Can't I just shove some wire in the various holes until I find the right one for the...
  10. MelMann

    Refretting a Vintage Paul?

    I wanted to see how you all felt about refretting a vintage Les Paul. I have a '59 Custom that is fabulous. However, it still has its original "fretless wonder" frets, and they are pretty low at this point. I've been wavering for a couple of years as to whether I should have this guitar...
  11. MelMann

    Good amp tech around Boston?

    It seems like this was brought up here some time ago, but I've searched to no avail...anyone have recommendations for a good tube amp tech around Boston? Both of my old Super Leads need some help and the guy I used to go to has moved to San Francisco...any ideas? Thanks in advance
  12. MelMann

    Careful of this "PAF"

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=923743026 Looks like a '57 Classic to me, what do you think?
  13. MelMann

    Double White Bonanza!

    The other night while I was changing strings on my 3 pickup Custom, just for fun I decided to peek at the bobbins to see whether there were any non-blacks. Well, it turns out that this guitar has not one, not two, but THREE double white bobbin PAFs, none of which have ever even had the covers...
  14. MelMann

    HELP need info on Murphy in 2000

    I am running an auction for a 2000 aged LP. I bought it being told it was aged but not painted by Murphy. Someone wrote Gibson about it and they said Murphy did not work for Gibson after 1994 and that my guitar was aged "using techniques perfected by Tom" but that he did not even work for them...
  15. MelMann

    Double whites on ebay

    http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/ebayISAPI.dll?MfcISAPICommand=ViewItem&item=1453135603&t=0&r=0&indexURL=1&photoDisplayType=2 Do these look OK?