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    pickup wiring

    Hi all, I've got a 2016 Les Paul Traditional Pro IV and Im taking out all the coil tap crap. How do I wire the pickups to a standard 50's type wiring harness. I got it figured out, sorry, I know to join the green and white wires, red to the pot and black and bare to ground. Im an idiot. All I...
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    Question for Joe B.

    Joe I remember a while back a shot of your collection. Can you even get it all in one frame now? Would love to see an update picture and a table top book of your collection and collecting stories. I know I'm not the only one who would love this.
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    OMG is it great to be home

    I've been going the digital route for the last couple years. Been running through a Line 6 500x effects unit into a solid state amp. It even got so bad I was using a Line 6 Variax just because it made things sooo easy. Well I'm selling all that crap now. I plugged my '72. 345 into my Guv'nor and...
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    Investment guitars

    I don't have a bunch of guitars or money to buy guitars; but my hobby is to predict what's going be hot soon in the vintage community. This year it's going to be "walnut" Gibsons.
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    This morning I was online looking at an interesting Epiphone from the 60's Later this afternoon I was eating at Taco Bell and this was on my receipt. Is this an omen?
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    Need some help re: Steve Howe model ES-175

    Do all of the Steve Howe model ES-175's have the same pick-up selector switch tips? They made these from 2002 to 2009?, were there any variations of this part? These are the modified tuner tip things. Also has anyone ever had any luck getting replacement parts from Gibson? If so can you share...
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    real PAF decals

    Does anyone have any idea how Gibson's original PAF stickers came? For example was there a sheet of 20 of them, two, four whatever?
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    Anyone see this yet?

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    Oh wow it's Bob Rissi's work bench. He was the designer of the Rickenbacker Transonic Amp series. It's not really his, but it could have been.
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    Thanks Doug & Pat

    The T Shirt rocks, I will wear it proudly.
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    Anyone have information on this one

    Just watched an America concert on Netflix. The lead play Michael Woods had a real cool Les Paul. It appeared to be a Goldtop conversion, but he had an extra knob behind the tail piece. Anyone have any idea what the extra knob was for? BTW he also had a bad ass Zemitis metal top too, cat had...
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    OMG what an idiot

    Look what this little freak did to a Jr. I'm a little sick.
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    Geib Case History

    Here's a good article I stole off the Mandolin Cafe Page http://kirtleymusic.home.comcast.net/geib.htm
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    A Cool Story

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    1972 - Gotta be a burst(?), and with a Bigsby too. BTW, the song don't suck a bit either. What do you think it weighed? With that strap I bet it wasn't a feather weight ;~) http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Yz4WDVHItbc
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    My Holy Grail

    Was just snooping over on the Burstserial page. I was born in Sept of 1954, and I noticed that 9 1953 & 9 1955 were listed. Guess what I want. Yep, Mila Kunis.
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    The Sustain

    Starting a new project doing a Neil Young/Crazy Horse Tribute thing and my 54 Jr. has been on the sidelines for a while. This evening I decided to start using the Jr. for some of the songs and I have to tell you; the sustain of this "Old Wood" is just amazing. First time I've used it with my new...
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    I bet they're lining up ;~)

    St. Louis Craigslist http://stlouis.craigslist.org/msg/2639074120.html
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    Props to Lindy Fralin

    When I got my 54 Jr. back(it was in other hands for 20 years), I realized that somewhere along the line the pickup got changed to a '69 neck position pickup. I can't afford a real P-90 right now so I put one of Lindy's 5% overwound Hum Canceling P-90's in there. Sounds pretty vintage to me. BTW...
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    Clapton Beano Burst copy auction

    Sorry I thought this might interest folks interested in the Beano Burst. My mistake. Jeez.