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  1. Axel

    Truss rod mess

    So I felt the need for a (minor) truss rod adjustment on my Trini Lopez. It has not been adjusted since I bought the guitar 5 years ago, it hasn't been needed. So I removed the truss rod cover for the first time and found this mess: The truss rod wrench won't even go over the nut. I e-mailed...
  2. Axel

    My own signature model

    I will never have my own signature model, it's one of those life-long regrets. I'll probably never be rich enough to have Gibson (or anyone) build me a one-off either. Neither wealthy nor talented, that's my way of doing things. Anyhow, it's always great to think about what I would do if Gibson...
  3. Axel

    NGD: Gibson SJ-100 1941 reissue

    Got one of these in antique natural. I'd rather have one in sunburst but I got it brand new for 50 % off at a Christmas sale. And it sounds incredible! I'm blown away by it, can't believe that no-one got it before me. I've always liked the SJ body style but never cared for the sound from the...
  4. Axel

    The switch washer

    This is a newbie question: How is the switch washer fastened? Only by the switch nut? What keeps it from spinning around? In other words: if I were to put a switch washer on ... say, an ES-335, I'd just have to unscrew the switch nut and place the washer over the switch tip and then re-screw...
  5. Axel

    Made To Measure

    Anyone seen this? http://www.themusiczoo.com/blog/2014/custom-shop-made-2-measure-your-gibson-your-way/ I googled and found some cool guitars made through this process but I haven't read anything about it here on the LPF.
  6. Axel

    They should have called it the Mini Lopez

    Anyone seen this? The Benchmark Limited CS-336. What does Benchmark mean? It looks cool. The pics are from Wildwood. What affiliation could I possibly have?
  7. Axel

    The strangest headstock

    Watched a clip of Foo Fighters live at Wembley 2008 and this showed up: Here's the video, I saw it around the 33-minute mark: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sagjO--UsD0 So, custom order, modification or other maker with Gibson truss rod cover?
  8. Axel

    Eye candy

    The Chris Cornell ES-335 in olive green: I love the color. Would be interesting to hear with the Gretsch (okay, Lollar) pickups.
  9. Axel

    Counterfeit alert

    Found this: http://www.gisbontrinilopez.com Don't know if it's been talked about here earlier. First I thought it was a misspelled fan site but it seems they make quite exact looking replicas. Can't see what the peghead logo says. Is Gibson informed?
  10. Axel


    Saw it on The Music Zoo page (no affiliation), what do you think? Like a small ES-330 with minis.
  11. Axel

    Gibson QC.

    Let's play "find 1 fault" on the Gibson Paul Landers signature Les Paul: This pic is taken from the official Gibson page: http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-USA/Paul-Landers-Signature-Les-Paul.aspx
  12. Axel

    Versions of the 330.

    Since the release of the ES-330 reissue it's been getting rave reviews on the forum. Nothing strange there, it looks awesome. I can't remember having seen one single thread comparing the reissue with the ES-330L that's been out a few years. As far as I can see, the comparison comes down to two...
  13. Axel

    Cherry vs. Antique red

    What's the difference (if any) between the "cherry" and "antique red" finishes on recent ES guitars? Comparative pics would be great if someone has any.
  14. Axel

    My new guitar: Trini Lopez reissue

    Hi. Yesterday I got my Trini Lopez reissue. It survived the shipping, thankfully. This has been my dream guitar since I first laid my eyes on one some 15 years ago and I'm so happy with it, I've been smiling this not-so-cool smile since it arrived. You know what I mean. Sure, as for "reissue"...
  15. Axel

    Junior + RS kit

    Better late than never. I bought the RS kit last fall and now I've sent it to my guitar tech for installment. He questioned why I would change out the existing electronics, "it's got a Bumblebee!", needless to say I had to give him a taste of the n3rd rage ... Anyway, I will post a review when...
  16. Axel

    Historic Junior string gauge?

    My R7 Jr. currently sports 0.11-0.50 strings. While I love the tone and the picking feeling, bending is a stretch (pun intended) and after a few hours my fingertips hurt a bit. :salude Anyway. I'm considering 0.10-0.46 strings and I wonder if any Junior owner here has tried both? Difference in...
  17. Axel

    Junior appraisal.

    A few months back I whined like a cat after an unlucky recording experience. Well, after last night's practice I can only say: WEOW. I must say that for every time I play my Junior I like the simplicity of the layout more and more. I even like the flat and thin body. In the beginning I was a...
  18. Axel

    Strange VOS experience.

    Had a band practice tonight after a few months of nothing. I wore a white t-shirt (I bet you're wondering where this is going). After playing the last song for the night after two hours of rehearsals I put my R7 Jr. back in it's case, starting to pack my stuff to go home. I noticed that there...
  19. Axel

    Perfect checking conditions?

    A town in my county had -39°C last night (-38°F), I wonder what that would do to the Historic nitro ... Lucky for me it's only -21°C (-5°F) where I live, cos I'll be walking to work in a few minutes, I wouldn't live through -39°C. Happy new year from a cosy and sweet Sweden.