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    Hey Charlie D !

    I think the boys at TFF found something you don't have..and probably NEED! :bh a comfy mouse pad! :biglaugh: Chest Rest
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    caption this! :salude
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    Let's see your signal chain!

    Let's see your stuff!! :salude I downloaded some trial software to make flowcharts. here's the software I used revised 1.2
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    another year gone by at the ol LPF...ya got your good stuff and your bad stuff...ah yes, life as we know it :) I wish everyone a safe and happy weekend...and a healthy and prosperous 2005!! :hippy
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    TFF Tele

    here's a few photo's of the TFF Custom Tele taken by Mark (Photoweborama) this is the guitar that was built by The Fender Forum members and raffled off with proceeds going to charity. I give you the DUMBASS
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    I just wanted to give a last chance reminder...that the guitar drawing is this coming Friday night. If you don't know what I'm talking about..you can read about it in the off topic area of the Fender Forum . You have to be a registered member of TFF to enter. Mail in entries are not being...
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    Hey Karl - SRV content

    ever see these pics?
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    wanna see my knobs?

    :) custom stainless steel knobs on my Fender basses. A member of TFF made them for me. Check it out.....
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    Can someone who's been to AA speak on this?

    this is an ebay auction for a CD of SRV talking to his AA group. I don't think the estate of SRV is aware of this. my question for anyone who knows about AA... are the meetings recorded? are they suppose to be confidential? what do you think of this auction...
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    Hi Danny! this is old news for most folks in these parts.....but I just love seeing it in print in his own words......funny how back then it was just "another Les Paul"...and you were little Danny Erlewine!! :yay :wail more good reading here - http://www.mikebloomfield.com
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    to The Les Paul Forum !!!! :bday :rock :2zone :blbros :3zone :band :rock :ole :glug
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    HEY KK!

    did you at least get your hands on it?? were the bidders allowed to touch the instruments? thanks...and sorry bro!
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    DIY car folks....you MUST see this!

    DaveP, you will like this! this was posted on TFF, I just had to share it here..... for you guys that like to roll your own, this is from the VW forum...check out this guy's work! http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=848531&page=1
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    HELP! Bandmaster head !

    During rehearsal last night....went to power up the head and the sound was weak and real low..but there was sound. I took a look at the power tubes while the amp was on and noticed that one of the Svetlana 6L6's was NOT fired up at all..nothing..ice cold....while the other 6L6 was very hot...
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    clean clean clean 52 Goldtop

    I have no idea who the seller is. sure is clean.. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=38086&item=3721399576&rd=1
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    New Fender Bass

    I just got this NOS 99 USA P Bass from Center City Music. It's brand new...clean, ash body, see thru finish, super light weight and very resonant. now I can play the P-FUNK....make my FUNK the P Funk we wants to get funked up!! I had to share with the backstage crew at the LPF......it's not...
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    Dr. Robert or anyone else! - help with electric motor problem

    Hi Doc..I have a problem. I have a Leslie motor connected to a simple rocker style on/off switch. Whenever the switch is used , there's a loud pop in the audio signal going to the speaker loaded in the Leslie. Using a separate AC circuit to power the motor (from the amp that powers the speaker)...
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    gig kit mods

    lookit what I did with my gig kit...... I can re-string, solder electronics, file, adjust bridge, setup and intonate to perfection on site or in the van... besides what came with it...I stuffed it with a Leatherman tool, a Snap-On butane solder pen, silver solder, de-solder braid, metal file...
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    Conversions....confirmed from the highest source

    Have Fun :dude
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    I've never really thought about it before...

    but I think I hate polls now....don't know what came over me:lol1