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  1. peeninety

    Need serial number help

    I've what I believe to be a 70's LP Deluxe with mini hums. Serial Number is only 6 digits and I can't figure out exactly what I have. Thanks!
  2. peeninety

    Les Paul Junior Special Pickups--P90s or P100s?

    I bought one in 2001 and it has P100s, but I see many for sale that imply, or even state, they're equipped with P90s. Did Gibson issue the guitar with both?
  3. peeninety

    WTB: Bedrock 1200-series head

    As title implies, I'm looking for a Bedrock 1200-series tube head in good working condition. Prefer one with reverb (five 12AX7s), but any 1200-series head in good condition would be considered. Hand wired or printed circuit board OK. Thanks.
  4. peeninety

    New Clapton recording

    Preview, the entire recording, here: http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2013/03/05/exclusive-hear-eric-claptons-new-album-old-sock-first/?mod=WSJBlog
  5. peeninety

    Where is Keith's burst today?

    Sorry if this is known information, but I performed a couple of searches with no results. I am aware that it has had an interesting life, but do we know where it is today?
  6. peeninety

    Leslie West undergoes amputation

  7. peeninety

    Who is it that's playing the BK in this video?

    Starts about 45 seconds in and lasts about 15 seconds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBwwOiGFLEA
  8. peeninety

    Blues Jr 12AX7 alternatives?

    Just got a brand new BJR, and I would like a little more fat/warm breakup than I am getting out of the box. I'm playing with the volume on 12, the master between 2 and 4 (depending on venue), and the FAT switch activated. I am not yet ready to do any of the mods already well discussed herein...
  9. peeninety

    EC 335 action

    Damn. The dude still makes some great tone with the right instrument in his hands. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LF60zs1CKj8
  10. peeninety

    Electric Prunes Burst?

    Ran across this appearance by the band on the Smothers Brothers variety show in the 1960s. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrLJvDoM27M&feature=related Is that a '60 burst at about the 1 minute mark? (You'll have to skip or soilder through a suck ass intro by Tommy.) Anything known about...
  11. peeninety

    Saw Kathleen Edwards (vintage Jr.) last night

    Wow. Saw her last night in Carrboro, NC. Do not miss this act. KA and her husband, Colin Cripps, are awesome performers. She's one of the best singer/songwriters out there today, and Colin is the consumate guitarist/accompaninist/harmony singer anyone could want. KA got wonderful tones from...
  12. peeninety

    Keith plays his burst

  13. peeninety

    ZZ Top What's Up With That

    The Rev with his single pickup goldtop. Great tone, per usual . . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cia98Oirb18
  14. peeninety

    Need a box to ship a 4X12 slant cab

    Anyone ever pack and ship a 4X12 slant cabinet?
  15. peeninety

    Can't get to the Custom Shop on Gibson's website

    Can anyone else get there? I can't seem to get beyond the inital product page. Clicking on the Custom Art and Historic link takes me to a blank page every time. So does trying to use the search function. Do I have to use the MF website now instead or something?
  16. peeninety

    Finishes on the JL Epiphone Casinos

    Do the JL models of the Epiphone Casinos have nitro finishes?
  17. peeninety

    Casino serial number question

    I'm talking with a dealer about a Epiphone Casino, which is being represented as a mid-60s vintage. Dealer has said that the serial number is 710437. According to the Blue Book Serialization document, hat number does not fit into the mid-60s, but might fit into the late 60s. For example...
  18. peeninety

    Help me think about Firebirds . . . .

    . .
  19. peeninety

    ToneQuest Report

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