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  1. Cholo

    What exactly did I buy here? Classic? Plus? Premium Plus?

    So, this past weekend I was cruising through Craigslist and a 2003 Les Paul Classic was up for sale with Gibson Antiquities pickups, 50's wiring and a jumbo refret. And it only weighs 8 lbs. Sweet! It had a decent price but I offered something less just to see if I could start a dialog to...
  2. Cholo

    Can a collapsed ABR-1 be repaired?

    I've seen a few sites illustrate that collapsed bridges can be repaired with a vise by but I've yet to read anyone talking about it. I just had this happen to my 74' Custom LP. I went ahead and purchased a Faber ABRH-59 aged gold replacement. I will have that installed. However in the meantime I...
  3. Cholo

    What is the deal with Gibson Specials? Help a guy out would ya?

    It's been a long time since I have posted but I'm jonesing for another guitar. I recently purchased a 4th guitar for tonal variety beside my Gibby and my Fenders. I bought an Ampeg AMG100ch (think of a wood bodied Dan Armstrong) for slide guitar but found that I really didn't like it as much as...
  4. Cholo

    Embarrassing Tube Amp 101 question

    Oh man, is my face red...I can't seem to find out anything specific on this but here goes. I purchased a used Marshall 1960B straight cab yesterday. I plugged in my 74' LP Custom into my JTM 45 clone head. I was sure to switch the cab from 4 to 16 ohms since my head was already set at 8 ohms. I...
  5. Cholo

    Help with refretting my LPC

    Hey guys, I figured this IS the place to ask this question. I have a 74' LPC "fretless wonder" that I have been struggling with over the last couple of years. The frets are just too darn tiny to work anymore and we're both too old to fight about it. Time for a refret! My question is...there...
  6. Cholo

    Ethical Question regarding my Les Paul

    Well, well, well...I've come to grips with the fact that I don't care for my Les Paul as much as I used to. I have a 74' Les Paul Custom (20th Anniversary) which I'm sure is a "fretless wonder". Now I have had this guitar for quite some time and I really dig the sound but I am tired of fighting...