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  1. oldflame

    Jim Rolph

    Just bagged two sets of Jim's pickups off the bay. Set of Zebra PAF's and a set of Strat 'Pretenders'. Just wow!
  2. oldflame

    Gibson Collector's Choice #28 Ronnie Montrose

    Anyone out there have one of these, and what's he verdict? Cheers
  3. oldflame

    Gibson Les Paul Music Rising U2

    Anyone know the spec on these? Apparently a run of 300. I assume they're a spruced up standard. There's one for sale downunder (Tasmania) and they're asking $3500 US. Any thoughts?
  4. oldflame

    CITES Jan 2017 regs & how does it effect moving new & used guitars around the world?

    CITES Jan 2017 regs & how does it effect moving new & used guitars around the world? Does anyone here have a bit of layman's knowledge about the upcoming change in the CITES Regulations regarding buying and selling guitars (wood) from around the world?
  5. oldflame

    UK Guitar Auction website

    Not sure if this is the right place for this thread (although there are plenty of Gibson's in the catalogue). Have any UK members bought from this auction site? This was last months lot. Some keen prices here..... http://guitar-auctions.co.uk/catalogue-preview-thursday-10th-march-2016/
  6. oldflame

    Les Paul case query

    I picked up this case recently. Never seen one before....any ideas? Thanks
  7. oldflame

    '65 Fender Deluxe Reverb. New speaker options please

    Have near mint '65 Deluxe Reverb. Use it a lot but looking to retire the speaker. Any recommendations for a good modern replacement. I had a new baffle built for it a while back and tried different speakers. Mainly out of curiosity. Vox Alnico blue, G12M and G12H. Now I want to use the old...
  8. oldflame

    New year giggle...

    This made me chuckle... http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/lismore-heights/guitars-amps/genuine-1962-gibson-les-paul-sg/1097431870 100% for positivity. I suppose the 'PAF' (raised eyebrows) might be the jewel in the crown. Only in Australia.
  9. oldflame

    My 335 is off to the Doc's

    My once basket case '60 dot neck 335 is off to the doc's to get this mess sorted out. This was the only thing that I didn't put right on the guitar when I bought it. It was playing good and sounded great so I left it alone. The flaking nitro has got really bad over the past 3-4 years. Never been...
  10. oldflame

    Gibson Les Paul R0/G0 1960 - Guitar Center

    Been eyeing a couple of these 2007 Gibson Custom Shop G0 1960 Reissue Les Paul's in darkburst. I believe they were a limited Guitar Centre run. Any owners out there or have owned in the past? Are the necks the regular shallow profile for an R0? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers! :salude
  11. oldflame

    Burst type replica from Joe's Guitars.

    Wondering if anybody has one or enquired about purchasing one of his replicas?
  12. oldflame

    Les Paul 1989 studio prototype

    Anyone have anything on these: http://s879.photobucket.com/user/esp_eraser/media/IMG_00002537.jpg.html Looks interesting. Bill Lawrence in bridge, single coil neck. Any owners or ex-owners got any info? Seller is asking $3000 Cheers
  13. oldflame

    Don Mare "Supersports" for Strat's

    Anyone using Don's Supersport Strat pickups?
  14. oldflame

    'Pilot' scarce video- Ian Bairnson with plexi Marshall (?) 1976

    Rummaging around youtube as you do, I came across this live clip from 1976 of Scottish band 'Pilot'. I could be wrong but Ian Bairnson seems to be making all the right noises with a small logo Marshall through a period Orange cab. His lead break kicks in at about 1:10...
  15. oldflame

    Price of a new R9 in Australia

    Popped into a well known music store in Australia today. I had to sit down when I read the price tags. 10,000+ Aussie dollars for a bog standard looking new R9 and over $11,000for a darkburst! WTF! There is something definitely wrong there.
  16. oldflame

    Melody Maker-someone here put in a Lolar P90...Who?

    For the life of me I can't find that thread. Must have been 2 or 3 years ago now but one of our clever members put a Lolar narrow P90 in a early Melody Maker. I have a shell and I want to do the same mod. As I recall there was no routing involved either so that's defo the way to go. Can...
  17. oldflame

    Who makes Humbucker sized P90's?

    Is the any particular version worth raving about?
  18. oldflame

    Cut pickup wires (Best thing to do)

    I'm sure many of you have come across this problem. I have a Tele bridge pickup that's had it's wires chopped about 1 1/2" from the bobbin. Is it best to replace both wires at the bobbin or strip back what's there and attach to the ends? I should mention that the pickup is a 1960 so the new...
  19. oldflame

    Best P90's to shove in a 335

    Wondering what's available and do any of you fella's have any experience with putting humbucker shaped P90's in a 335. TA!
  20. oldflame

    Rosewood neck. To paint or not to paint? That is the question.

    :ghost: Looking for opinions/best practice. I have a old 80's solid rosewood Schecter Strat neck that is still in the virgin wood. It came from the "Obe" collection. It's all strung up and feeling great to play. Superb bit of timber. I'm not a sweaty kinda guy so the wood is still...