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  1. Jim W

    Photobucket fix?

    Saw this on another forum, and it seems to work: In the cases where former/current PhotoBucket users haven't deleted or clobbered their collections, Chrome and Firefox now have (since August at least) plugins that will display 3rd party hosted images by fiddling with the referrer or...
  2. Jim W

    Stopped by Les Paul's memorial on Monday

    And left a small token from the Forum:
  3. Jim W

    Les Paul Tribute Chopper

    Lefty and I were at the Motorcycle show, and came across this. Not really a fan of Count's Kustoms normally, but thought this was pretty cool.
  4. Jim W

    NGD, 2013 R8

    With all the changes in 2013, my wife decided to finally get an R8 to finish her "Historic" burst set. She seems pretty happy with it, so I guess I am as well. I just gotta keep her outta Dave's, and away from the R7 she "needs" to "complete" the set :rofl A kinda unexpected pattern...
  5. Jim W

    2013 switch cavity routing

    Any chance someone out there has a photo of the routing inside the switch cavity? What you see if you take off the plate with the three screws? Thanks!
  6. Jim W

    Nut end finish on 2013 les Pauls

    I was at a dealer that had several 2013 reissues, and noticed that the ends of the nut on the guitar I was looking at was completely plain, with no lacquer finish on it, very clean looking. It looked for all the world like the nut had been replaced, not a trace of finish. I started looking at...
  7. Jim W

    Here's an ES-125 you don't see every day...

    Another oddity makes it into the collection..... :D 1968 Gibson ES-125 3/4 scale
  8. Jim W

    R.I.P. Steve Rowen (Pigtail Music)

    I was saddened to see that Steve passed away. Many Historic owners have used his products; he knew how to make a quality product. http://www.tributes.com/show/Steven-Rowen-86670516
  9. Jim W

    1954 Lefty Goldtop

    Some of you might remember the thread about this guitar when it was on Ebay back in March. Anyway, I know some of the folks here had asked about photos, andI finally had a chance to take some good ones and get a webpage set up for it. http://www.southpawsanctum.com/1954lespaul.html
  10. Jim W

    Paging Pepejara

    Please check your email!:2zone
  11. Jim W

    How many lefty EE SG owners here?

    The thread in Baywatch made me wonder, how many of the left handed EE SG owners are LPF'rs? My wife picked up #14 in Classic White at HOG in Rochester, NY. Lefty LP has #12 Who Else?
  12. Jim W

    The latest GAS attack...

    The wife has really been getting into the big jazzboxes, and I gotta figure they don't get much bigger than this! She can almost hide behind it :lol Big Box
  13. Jim W

    Gibson's website link

    Jeez.. Is this the road Gibson is really on? "Give a Gibson Now"
  14. Jim W

    .68uf 160 Volt Mustard Caps

    I am looking (rather unsuccessfully!) for two NOS mustard caps of this value. Anyone out there have a source?
  15. Jim W

    Truth in politics...

    I don't normally notice this kind of stuff, but this quote really caught my eye. "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good." Senator Clinton
  16. Jim W

    C10Q or C10N ?

    I just picked up a clean '66 Vibrolux Reverb, and and not sure what the speakers in it are. I think they are C10N; but how can I tell for certain?
  17. Jim W

    Visit to Dave's

    Well, as luck would have it, I had to travel to La Crosse on biz. Even better, my wife Alicia (the player) took a couple of days off to go with me. We drove up, and had half of the day to look around; so off to Dave's we went. Great store, Dave was a really nice guy; and Beth was a pleasure to...
  18. Jim W

    The quartet

    The lefty quartet The wife's new R0 with her other Les Pauls. The Foursome
  19. Jim W

    question for R0 owners?

    My wife just picked up a new 03 R0, and I have a couple of quick questions: The truss rod cover is much closer to the nut than either her R6 or R9; is this typical? (I.E. is it correct for a 1960?) The double ring tuners are also correct, right? Thanks!
  20. Jim W

    Does anyone out there own a Roland JC_120?

    And, if you do, would you scan the owners manual for me? My wife picked one up at a show last weekend, and it is an early 80's model (I think) It has the toggle on-off switch, and the toggle switch (instead of rotary) for bright,reverb/chorus. Thanks for any help.