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  1. mbowen

    A Little Respect for THE OTHER GUITAR COMPANY

    I do love Gibson's ,but Fenders will always have a place in my heart.Please post some of your favorite fenders.Thanks . Couple of Sonic Blue's I owned the one on the left. Blond's ,a Dakota and nice 55 Sunburst at a show i did in the 1990's
  2. mbowen


    If you love bursts please post some .Thanks M.B. My first Burst 0-1065--light curl super clean. Loved it and went on a More CuRL hunt soon after . with 9-1108-My second burst from Tom W.
  3. mbowen


    Happy Holidays guys.Please post you TV Jr's if you can.Below are my 1955-1959-1961[i know a year late but i hope that's ok]:hmm:##:ola
  4. mbowen

    A Vintage Guitar Joke

    Hi guys a while ago i was visiting friends who own a guitar shop.We decided to see how much people pay attention to Vintage guitars in a regular music store ,not a Vintage Shop.We put MY 57 LPC up on the rack in a high traffic spot and put a SALE -1957-$1200.00 tag on it . It was there for...
  5. mbowen

    Old Burst Photo-INFO?

    Hi guys i found this photo on the web under bands.The Roosters 1960's is all it said.{no they do not look like the Roosters who turned into The Yardbirds}Love the Flamey Burst with an added Lyre - black pickguard-and new bridge. Any one know anything about the guitar or band.Guitar looks...
  6. mbowen


    I know i am going to get heck for this but it is just my opinion.Yesterday an old friend came over and we A-B'd about 10 guitars ,through a Maestro GA2RT amp.My refin burst sounded better then all the other guitars till we got to a first rack ES-345 with a huge neck and black ring.The 345 was SO...
  7. mbowen

    1963 SG/LP

    Hi guys i am looking at this guitar .I have had a half dozen or so SG/LP's but they all had the Sideways trem the big pot metal thing i hated on them.This one is a 63 and has the Les Paul Plaque and 1 PAF and 1 Early Pat.# pick-up.My question is how common is this variation.Guitar is very clean...
  8. mbowen

    Blond ES-355-1959-Only One??

    Hi guys here is a guitar my friend Hank just got and it is amazing.It is a 1959-ES-355 in factory Blond.The only one i have seen from 59.The Chinnery Collection had a 1960 and Gilvis had a great 1961-62 Stoptail 355 in Blond but i have not seen a 59 before now.If any of you guys know of another...
  9. mbowen

    Burst Believers Book Signing

    On Sat.July 13th Vic had a book signing for Burst Believers at his shop The Guitar Gallery in Canonsburg Pa.It went great with 250-300 people coming by to eat drink and get their book signed.Vic and Tim [his partner] also brought in a bunch of guitars for people to view,including 4 Killer...
  10. mbowen

    Anyone Love Juniors

    HI guys have not seen a thread in a while dedicated to -IMO-one of the best of the old Les Paul's the Les Paul Junior.If you would like to please post a shot of your JR or JR's for a lot of you and tell us why you love your Junior.Thanks guys i hope there are are a lot of Junior lovers out there...
  11. mbowen

    Burst Believers--Now Available

    Just a heads up guys ,Vic's new book is now available .I got my copy from Vic today and i have to say that i think it is the best burst book ever-IMO.The color of the guitars is amazing and very authentic.The bursts i used to own in the book look like the guitar really looked .Not to knock other...
  12. mbowen

    Anyone know this Bursts Serial #

    Here are shots from Guitar Trader in the 80's .It has the wrong serial # on the bottom of the photo.Julio is trying to get the right # for Burst serial.If you Burst Detectives know or can ID this one it will be greatly appreciated.It looks like a few 1960's in Burst Serial but i am not sure...
  13. mbowen

    Two Different 50's Junior's

    Hi guys went to see my{and TW's} old friend Joe S. a few days ago .Joe has been getting back into Vintage guitars after being out of them for a while.He has picked up a few cool guitars.A 1957 LP JR that was made for the Trade Show {1950's version of the Namm show i guess}with a factory White...
  14. mbowen

    Love ES's

    I Love ES's as much as Les Pauls anyone else?Post your ES's guys if you would like to.Here are some of mine.Thanks Mike B. 1959-ES-335 1959-ES-345--Early A-29952 1960-ES-330
  15. mbowen

    Killer 2013-IMHO

    Hi guys have not bought a new reissue in a few years till Vic called with this one.Amazing top IMO-- new 2013 will pick it up tomorrow.Thanks Guys Mike B.
  16. mbowen

    Post your Murphy Aged Guitars

    Hi guys i am going to start this thread with one of my buddy Andreja's guitars.He was looking at Kossloff guitars and trying to decide which one to buy.So for A {what i called him --shorter than Andreja}I will post his Ultra aged Murphy Goldtop that he loved .Thanks guys please post your guitars...
  17. mbowen

    Broken Burst Jackplate

    Hi guys playing this the other day and the jack gave out in the middle.Did not crack all the way around but close.I always repaired this with a touch of glue and then when dry put a metal jackplate behind the plastic one.Makes it a little thick but works and takes all the strain off the plastic...
  18. mbowen

    Dapra Bourbon Burst 9-9384

    Hi Guys have not posted in the Historic section in a while been busy in the Vintage section with a Never-ending Thread.Had this one out today so took a few shots.A 50th Aniv.from my good friend Vic D.He did a great job picking the wood and color for his run[IMO].I liked them so much i bought and...
  19. mbowen

    Anyone on the Forum buy this one

    Vic sent me this shot a while ago new then 2011 Carmel fade.having too many reissues as it is i passed.This run looks great to me.Anyone buy this one or another of the Carmel fades from Vic?If so please post them.Thanks Mike B.