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    what is the impact of selling with new tax law?

    Was this law lobbied by accountants? It would seem we are all going to need one now… I heard one shop owner saying this is going to pull a lot of individual sellers out of the marketplace and limit transactions to just businesses now, due to the complications now added. I can see that. Next year...
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    what is the impact of selling with new tax law?

    thanks for the reply. I've been reading this morning and it looks like you have always been supposed to pay capital gains on used items where you profit, but so much of the time when we sell, there is a loss so no taxes on a loss. what is different is that the banks now report all income over...
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    what is the impact of selling with new tax law?

    This isn't a political post. this is purely.. the law is there, what does it mean to me? I used to buy and sell, but now that the law has been passed that I will have to show on my taxes income from sales, what does that actually mean? The new law has made me not want to sell anything, even if...
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    Help w/ a 63 SG Custom

    Since this is a '60s Gibson section, I thought I would throw in a photo of my entire '60s gibson collection. The black Les Paul is a '69 with one piece body, 3 piece neck, no volute and no made in usa stamp, and a great guitar!
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    Help w/ a 63 SG Custom

    I decided to go for it. The markings on the heel appear to be indents from something it was laying on for some time? dunno. apparently the guitar sat in a closet since the early '70s. Anyways, here is my SG family photo - Left to Right -> '63, '64, '65 (the '65 is mostly all '64 spec - just...
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    Beauty of The Black Beauty - The "Alnico" Custom thread

    We went down Saturday from open to about 3:30ish. Here is a tease btw
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    Help w/ a 63 SG Custom

    I'm entertaining the idea of an SG Custom. I want a PAF guitar and this might be the be route for me to take, plus I love SG's! Here is the heel of an early '63 I am looking at. Owner claims its all original and marking are just scratches on the paint. I am having trouble finding pictures...
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    Beauty of The Black Beauty - The "Alnico" Custom thread

    I finally joined the club last week! Here is a pic of my '55 custom. I didn't know they made LP's this light!!!
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    Beauty of The Black Beauty - The "Alnico" Custom thread

    I don't know how I missed this! Either it had already sold or it wasn't out while I was walking around! That is really clean -- looks like a new guitar. Any idea what they were asking for it? The Neil Schonn on was a 61 SG/LP Custom. They wanted way too much, solely because it was associated w/...
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    Hey Burst experts, how accurate is Historic Makeovers?

    Kim has become a good friend of mine. That’s what he becomes with a lot of his customers, from what I can tell.
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    NGD - 1955 Les Paul Custom

    I shouldn't say this... because I'm in the market to buy one and I don't want the price to go up, but I'm surprised these first-gen customs aren't more popular... such really cool, and tonally diverse options.. especially when blending the middle position.
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    NGD - 1955 Les Paul Custom

    nice score! I've been thinking about getting one of these... I just can't help but wonder if the prices are going to come back down in the next 6 months or so...
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    Went to Songbirds Yesterday and Joe B is now part of the tour story

    Hey Joe, if you read this you should help them get the story straight. First, my critique. The tour guide I had (Dave the curator was in NYC) was a good story teller but was also keen on re-writing history. His "facts" didn't line up with documented history of known guitars but that didn't...
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    yep - New Vintage Tweed Day! Actually, Saturday was the day and I'm just now getting around to posting... She is a 1960 Champ. Year matches my '60 strat and '60 tele. Bought her from a local [collector] friend. Good deal and we were both happy with the price. I have first dibs on his Tweed...
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    Why no comments about Joe's new HPTT?

    Of all the boards I read, this is the one that seems to have the most comments and participation from Joe. Yet, the gear page is the only one that has seemed to mention Joe's High Power Tweed Twin prototype posted on instagram. You guys are dropping in your fandom status... +1 thegearpage, -1...
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    which one of you guys has it?

    http://www.musicradar.com/news/guitars/exclusive-eric-claptons-beano-les-paul-is-in-us-collection-claims-joe-bonamassa-640041 Exclusive: Eric Clapton's 'Beano' Les Paul is "in US collection", claims Joe Bonamassa I'm going to take a stab and say its in the Dirk Ziff collection... which would be...
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    NVAD: BFD (6G3)

    As some of you know, I was originally looking at a '60 Brownface Concert. Thank you all for the education. It helped in pivoting into this direction. I just brought home a '63 Brownface Deluxe! Super excited. Got it for a great price and am super excited about it. Thanks Brian and Mark for your...
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    today appears to be a good day to bring some vintage guitars back to the US

    Search Results1 US Dollar equals 0.72 British Pound
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    NVGD - Players 1963 SG

    Hello, A few weeks back I asked about making a trade, which I decided to follow-through on. I've had the guitar a couple weeks now and have been re-assembling some of the parts. Basically, someone bought the guitar, took all the parts off to sell, and sold the body with mostly re-issue parts...