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  1. J

    The horror.

  2. J

    Anybody else have a '70s SG-I?

    Here's mine. Totally remade, pretty much. New finish to black, coil-tapping, removed pickguard, DiMarzio minibucker (which is too tame for my taste, btw, but a p90 won't fit). It started life as a weird brown color.....
  3. J

    Do dog-ear P90s need body routing?

    Do dog-ear P90s sit flat on top of the guitar or do they need body routing? I have a '71 SG-I that I've refinished and want to try a P90 on, but the mini route is too small for a soapbar. Don't want to route, really. Will the dog ear sit on there?
  4. J

    High output mini humbuckers available?

    I've got a '71 SG-I that was trashed when I got it, finish wise (pro tip for the moron who owned it before me: don't use A FUCKING RADIAL SANDER to refinish a guitar)....ahem. Sorry about that. Anyway, it came with a plastic cover minibucker that was DOA, so I replaced it with a DiMarzio...
  5. J

    Tone myths

    A recent thread here (and some others on my amp boards) got me thinking. (I know, I know, there's a first time for everything :rofl ). I have a hard time believing that anyone can tell the difference in sound between a lightweight and standard tailpiece in a blind listening test. Same for a...
  6. J

    Cool score! 2 free Silvertone 1482s + video link

    My dad's buddy was throwing out two non-working 1482s from the 60s (been in his basement for 30+ years). Both just need a recto tube. One is complete in the cab and the other is out of the cab. I took the one that's just chassis/guts and fitted a SS recto. :bug Great tone through an Eminence...
  7. J

    Anyone got a Smartwood? Let's see it!

    Here's my Smartwood Exotic with Cancharana top. Plays really well, although I think she'd look better with chrome hardware.... The top is awesome, though....
  8. J

    Do you guys "fix" the ground loops?

    Hey guys, I've got a 2004 Standard that buzzes like a saw. I'm thinking of rewiring the guts to get rid of the loops and shield the cavity a little. Have any of you done this? I'm going to use the guitarnuts.com method. I've already swapped out a pickup, so I guess the "mint" vibe is gone...