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    A 1957, 1958 and 1959.

    A friend of mine was recently offered a '58 and a '59. The '57 Gold Top in the pics belongs to him. He said that there was not a big enough difference between the Bursts and his Gold Top, so he passed on them. Must be nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All three look Gorgeous. Enjoy!
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    Carbon track Modern vs. Vintage

    Did not realize the difference was so dramatic until recently. Here is a modern CTS and tracks from vintage Centralabs. 500K
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    Pat# Pickup Question

    Hello, has anyone had or seen a Pat# pickup with the bobbin holes, i.e the "circle in square" on opposite sides? I have a early Pat# pickup with the top bobbin hole on the right and the bottom bobbin how in the left. The pickup has purple wire, L tool marking and black leads. Some of the...