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  1. nmcinc

    Pretty Pauls all in a row

    Early Dave Johnson Perry burst , 54- 57 conversion, 1994 R 8 , 1958 jr
  2. nmcinc

    Fret job in New Hampshire

    I just picked up an early BC Rich Eagle that needs a full fret job. Any recommendations for a luthier in New Hampshire to take it to Thanks
  3. nmcinc

    FT 1962 Epiphone Wilshire for R9-R0

    I want a reissue, R9 or R0 , smaller neck lighter weight preferred. I have an 1962 Epiphone Wilshire vg original condition, two screaming p90's Three on a side tuners Cherry Finish faded to Root Beer. All original except professionally converted to stop tail. Original Vibrola in case . Big...
  4. nmcinc

    SG Special Switch Tips

    I have noticed quite a few early sixties SG Specials with Black Switch tips. Were they standard on SG Specials on any specific years ? or was it as supply dictated ?
  5. nmcinc

    pictures of Gibson SG heel joints year by year

    Does anyone have access to and is willing to post a series of SG heel joints from 1960 through 1968 ?
  6. nmcinc

    How do I dull the finish on a historic

    I have an historic Lp tha is way to shinny for my taste. How can I easily and safely dull the finish ?
  7. nmcinc

    look what the brown truck just droped off SG content

    very early SG special , plays much better thank it looks http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170477278595&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT
  8. nmcinc

    Early 60's SG heel pics wanted

    Does anyone have a series of pictures of Gibson SG heels that show the different styles and the year by year changes from 1961- 1966 ?
  9. nmcinc

    Browneyes Perry burst

    I just received the Perry Burst from Browneyes. I really have to say what an easy transaction it was. He is first class all the way around. I can't explain why I needed to buy another axe but I'm sure all of you understand. I owned the original,I got it from Joe and sold it to Billy. I really...
  10. nmcinc

    explorer reissue question

    does any one know about these reissues with 1957 inlayed below gibosn on the headstock? ebay completed item # 130119886158 is it real ?
  11. nmcinc

    Tips for cleaning a funky guitar and case ?

    Could anyone share ideas on what is best to use to cut through 30 years of grime that has accumulated on an old es series and brown case ?
  12. nmcinc

    my new 1962 es330

    Check it out ebay completed item # 140074930791 It just got here in a Brown 5 latch case no less Needs a good cleaning and leveling I will try to post pics in the next few days
  13. nmcinc

    1995 plain top

    lets see if this pic works [/IMG]
  14. nmcinc

    Pre 1999 Plain Tops

    Does anyone have any ideas of how many 58 plaintops were made in 1995,1996 ,1997 or 1998.
  15. nmcinc

    Blatant Fraud at Guitar Center Framingham MA

    I really can't take it anymore !! I went by GC in Framingham Ma yesterday and noticed two new vintage guitars for sale, the first was a 53 fender esquire 4500.00 It was an old neck (?) with a japanese body that was at least a half an inch thinner than a real fender body, reissue plastic and...
  16. nmcinc

    Tom Murphy

    Does anyone know when Tom Murphy left the Gibson Custom Shop ? Was it late 94 or mid 95 ?
  17. nmcinc

    boston guitar show

    Is it still on and is anyone planing on going ?. I might be bringing a few pieces to sell, 1959 ES355 ( very similar to the one on Ebay 200 serial number diffrence ), 1958 single cut junior excellent, once had schallers but back to klusons and maybe a mint original 4 latch brown les paul case...
  18. nmcinc

    1959es 355 pickup problem

    i just picked up an amazing 1959 es 355 ( ebay 2536842770) it is 99% original , one replaced tuner a single line kluson from the 50's . this guitar had flatwounds on it too. the guitar was covered with years of funk from sitting in the case , which had only the inner fabric holding it...
  19. nmcinc

    59 epiphone coronet

    wow, i just picked up a 59 epi coronet, thickslab body , almost like a double cutawat tele, square edges, single new yorker pu without screws, combo stop tailpiece,three on a side tuners and metal epi headstock plate. this axe screams , the pickguard is not original, if ayone has one of these i...
  20. nmcinc

    what kind of burstbuckers ?

    i just picked up a great 2001 58 authentic, how can i tell what kind of burstbuckers are in the guitar, was there a standard configuration ? Are there any markings on the bottom of the pickups to tell if they are 1,2,or 3's are the bobbinis (little italian bobbins) diffrent colors ?