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    what is the impact of selling with new tax law?

    This isn't a political post. this is purely.. the law is there, what does it mean to me? I used to buy and sell, but now that the law has been passed that I will have to show on my taxes income from sales, what does that actually mean? The new law has made me not want to sell anything, even if...
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    Help w/ a 63 SG Custom

    I'm entertaining the idea of an SG Custom. I want a PAF guitar and this might be the be route for me to take, plus I love SG's! Here is the heel of an early '63 I am looking at. Owner claims its all original and marking are just scratches on the paint. I am having trouble finding pictures...
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    Went to Songbirds Yesterday and Joe B is now part of the tour story

    Hey Joe, if you read this you should help them get the story straight. First, my critique. The tour guide I had (Dave the curator was in NYC) was a good story teller but was also keen on re-writing history. His "facts" didn't line up with documented history of known guitars but that didn't...
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    yep - New Vintage Tweed Day! Actually, Saturday was the day and I'm just now getting around to posting... She is a 1960 Champ. Year matches my '60 strat and '60 tele. Bought her from a local [collector] friend. Good deal and we were both happy with the price. I have first dibs on his Tweed...
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    Why no comments about Joe's new HPTT?

    Of all the boards I read, this is the one that seems to have the most comments and participation from Joe. Yet, the gear page is the only one that has seemed to mention Joe's High Power Tweed Twin prototype posted on instagram. You guys are dropping in your fandom status... +1 thegearpage, -1...
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    which one of you guys has it?

    http://www.musicradar.com/news/guitars/exclusive-eric-claptons-beano-les-paul-is-in-us-collection-claims-joe-bonamassa-640041 Exclusive: Eric Clapton's 'Beano' Les Paul is "in US collection", claims Joe Bonamassa I'm going to take a stab and say its in the Dirk Ziff collection... which would be...
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    NVAD: BFD (6G3)

    As some of you know, I was originally looking at a '60 Brownface Concert. Thank you all for the education. It helped in pivoting into this direction. I just brought home a '63 Brownface Deluxe! Super excited. Got it for a great price and am super excited about it. Thanks Brian and Mark for your...
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    today appears to be a good day to bring some vintage guitars back to the US

    Search Results1 US Dollar equals 0.72 British Pound
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    NVGD - Players 1963 SG

    Hello, A few weeks back I asked about making a trade, which I decided to follow-through on. I've had the guitar a couple weeks now and have been re-assembling some of the parts. Basically, someone bought the guitar, took all the parts off to sell, and sold the body with mostly re-issue parts...
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    New to Brownfaces...

    A buddy of mine has several vintage amps. Among them are a tweed deluxe and a brownface deluxe. I compared them both a couple weeks ago and they are both great in their own way. of the two, I would prefer the brownface for what I am playing right now. I don't see a lot of love for these amps...
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    why is there no love for grovers?

    i like grovers...but i see a theme where everyone wants klusons on their vintage guitar. if a guitar has grovers, people express interest in putting klusons back on. why is this? grovers are cool. we should start the trend to bring their popularity back. they were a common and popular upgrade...
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    Why not report on the Fender The Edge Deluxe

    I see Joe is playing one on his FB page today w/ a firebird. People love to talk about the 5e3 variants, but I have seen/read very little in the way of comparisons on this amp. How well does it stand up? Its priced just shy of the cost of a vintage, not sure what Fender is thinking there...
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    Your opinion welcome on a trade opportunity

    Hello, I have 2 historic makeover Les Paul Standards. They are both nice guitars, but I don't really have a need to have two similar guitars that are different colors (let's not have the debate that every guitar is unique unto itself please). I originally got this Les Paul because I thought I...
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    Is a Les Paul more like a tele than not?

    It's no secret that the Les Paul was Gibson's solid body response to Leo's telecaster, but I have always considered the two guitars completely different. Because of that, I have struggled on several occasions to bond w/ a tele. I have always like the idea of a tele in the past, but often found...
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    incoming nvgd

    friday cant get here soon enough!
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    Pre-CBS Strat Body Contours

    I know we have many pre-cbs Strat owners here. I've been discussing body contours on strats and it is tough to find a 'good' collection of body contours from various years (1954 - 1965). I would like to propose (request) that owners take photo's of the strat bodies to document how contours...
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    Joe B - why make us ask about the new offset guitars posted on FB? :)

    you're holding out! I would really love more pictures and info on the Fiesta Red Jaguar you keep posting on FB, and I guess some would like to know about the Jazzmaster as well. Please? :jim
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    be kind - me playing a 1956 Les Paul I used to own

    I was going through my old files and found this video. Figured what the heck... I'll put myself out there - please be kind of my playing. I miss this guitar and regrettably had to sell it when I was between jobs. Its a good memory though. This is my 1956 Les Paul through my 2553 Marshall Silver...
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    interesting Les PAul for sale from Ringo's collection

    http://www.guitarworld.com/john-lennon-rickenbacker-valued-800000-auctioned-ringo-starr/25452 http://www.youtube.com/watch?t=2&v=wu57YG8bBuU Do you think that is the original finish? Can't seem to get the video to embed properly... sorry.
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    would vintage collectors be willing to give a bio?

    I love hearing stories from the guys that have a passion for vintage guitars and can tell stories from the 60's, 70s, 80s, and so on... I love to hear the stories. I know there is risk of posting a lot of information on a guitar collection (darn thieves have to ruin it for everyone), but would...