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    I'm betting my '19 R8 started life as a '20 R9.

    Last year I scored the absolute best new Les Paul I've ever pulled out of a shipping box, a 2019 R8 in Bourbon Burst. Bought it from a reputable Gibson dealer. First thing that struck me as odd, but a pleasant surprise, the neck profile was smaller than I'd expected, even smaller than the one on...
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    2006 R9 "No Wire" ABR-1 swap...big surprise!

    I got my '06 R9 back in 2007 and since new its been a bit of a problem child due to horredous setup issues. Local luthier corrected improperly drilled bridge stud holes, and I replaced the poorly cut nut and ABR-1. The original issues thus corrected, the guitar never really "spoke." It was just...
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    2019 R8 with slim neck profile...????

    I hate to start this but I did some searches and couldn't find much of an answer. I'm curious what I have on my hands here with this new 2019 R8. I expected a big, chunky neck profile, but what I got was a rather slim, very comfy neck profile, smaller than the one on my '06 R9. I'm not...
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    1960 ES335 Case? HAH!

    Scam alert: This is NOT a 1960 ES335 case. http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-1960-GIBSON-ES-335-CASE-LIFTON-EXCELLENT-VINTAGE-CONDITION-/300620742878?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item45fe6480de#ht_2355wt_1180 Probably a very early '69 purple lined, logoed case.
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    Tall black pickup rings?

    If you've got a '59 RI 335 you'll know what I'm referring to here, the pickup rings are the later style short ones and just don;t look right. I've been looking around and I can't find a source for the original spec tall black ones. Gibson sells them but only in creme. Any ideas where I could get...