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    Best spots in Nashville?

    What are the spots to visit in Nashville that aren't on the tourist lists? Good shops? Places for the family? What would you suggest?
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    Upgrading my LP Std.

    I have put the time to get my 2000 LP Std tuned up and playing well again as it had been neglected for far too long. I am looking the electronics next. The plate is coming out. I will probably shield the cavity because I can. Never a bad idea I think. I am thinking of going with this for the...
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    What pickups are you non PAF types using?

    I have tried a a set of Seth's that I love in other guitars as well as a set of SD Antiquities. The Seth neck is good but the bridge is a bit bright. The bridge Ant feels a little thin and lacks a little oomph. The neck Ant is boomy.. As I recall the neck and bridge metered out close but the...
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    Removing the plate with the pots etc.. / Shielding the cavity

    I have been starting to tinker with certain instruments again. I just finished a cleaning and setup of my 2000 LP std. I have been debating replacing the 300k pots on the neck pickup with 500k to brighten that up a bit. I have been debating the possibility of removing the plate, shielding the...
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    TGP panties are in a wad....

    ... so tight that nuclear fusion is imminent....Apparently Joe B. called them out and they don't like it.... http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showthread.php?t=1532547
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    Gold AC powered deja vibe cauing huge hum

    Just wrapping up a new pedal board build and I have an issue. Generally all is well but the board is causing a huge hum in the audio. The pedals are all powered by 2 PP2+ units with 3-4 2-1 adapters to get juice to everything with the exception of my MXR 10 band EQ and my Gold AC powered deja...
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    Bulgin Plug

    The plug on my amp is deteriorated and a bit of a mess. I would like to replace it with something more modern and frankly, a little safer. What is out there to replace it that would not require modifying the chassis?
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    Speaker for fender sounds

    Setting up a pair of ISO cabs. 1 for fender sounds and the other Marshall. I have the Marshall side covered in terms of speakers but I am not sure where to look on the fender side. WGS has a few things that may be possible. The Eminence speakers I have tried sound good but are not "traditional...
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    Experience with Various Greenback Clones

    Looking at the various greenback clones for a new 2x12 cab I am ordering. Unfortunately two original greenback are only 50w which is not enough power handling. Been looking at the Emi Private Jack, Scumback M75's, WGS Invader and Reaper HP. What are your experiences with these or other...
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    Stone Age Cabs

    This place looks to be making some killer stuff and I am interested in placing an order once Paypal decides to release my money. Has anyone done business with them lately? How are they to work with? What did you think of the product?
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    Vintage Marshall Cabs for Sale

    Cab1 - $700 I have dated this cab to 1973. The wiring appears original and the speakers all date to January 1973. Except for a possible recone of one speaker(no cone markings), this cab appears to me to be original. The wiring etc appears to me to be unaltered. - Speaker Codes - 1x T1221 /...
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    Vintage amps and cabs

    Where do you guys do you your shopping for old amps and cabs? I have 2 old Marshall 4x12 cabs that I want to move and have not gotten much interest from places like TGP or the SD forum. CL is a waste and feebay is not a real attractive option although it may be the best one these days. Whats the...
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    Updating Electronics of my 2000 Std

    My 2000 Std has Seth lovers but the rest of the electronics are stock. I an thinking of pulling the plate everything is mounted to and going old school with the guts. That said I need to know a few things. 1) Would I just need standard 500k long shaft pots once the plate is removed? 2) If I...
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    Shipping 4x12 Cabinets

    What do you pack them in/with? What carrier do you use to ship? I am considering selling a couple of my 70's 4x12's but shipping seems like it would be a real PITA. How are you guys handling it?
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    Pedal board cable

    What are you using to cable up your boards? The pedal that sits side by side are easy enough but when custom length cables are needed, what are you using to build them?
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    Original Fulltone Dejavibe

    The original version that I have is AC based. I am trying to determine the amperage draw of this pedal to see if I can power it from the courtesy outlet on my Voodoo lab PP2+. I like the sound of this pedal. Its just a small pain to deal with at times because of its physical size and the AC...
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    Changing the resistance of a speaker

    You can change the ohm rating of a pot by adding a resistor of the appropriate value. Can you do the same or something similar with a speaker?
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    Blackheart Little Giant

    I love my Superleads but I am looking at smaller amps for the studio. The Blackheart Little Giant seems intriguing. I keep hearing "you get what you pay for" in my head every time I look at it. I was disappointed with the Valve Jr even after I did a number of mods.Most of the issues were tied to...
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    Trouble with 75 JMP 50w

    Twice now my 75 JMP 50w as just stopped producing sound in the middle of playing. Bypass all pedals and plug directly in and still no sound. Let it cool over night and it works for a bit. Rinse and repeat. I don't think a bad tube would do this. I will check the speaker cables but the...
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    Fulldrive2 splatty sounding with humbuckers

    I have Yellow FM model from 2000. It loves single coils but has a sort of splatty sound with humbucker equipped guitars that I am not a big fan of. Is this inherent in the design? Can it be modded for a bit more headroom?