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  1. LesterP

    Increase Neck Size via New Fingerboard?

    Hey All, I was just thinking about having one of my Les Paul's refretted. It occurred to me that I would love to have a slightly bigger neck on this guitar, and also a Brazilian board. If there was ever a time to replace a fingerboard, it's when you need a complete refret. Question is...
  2. LesterP

    Just a Rumor? Weight relief holes aka "swiss cheese" might be coming back?

    I hate rumors, but word has it that a Gibson emloyee (mentioned on another forum) stated that the traditional weight relief pattern of drilling holes might be coming back. Seems that enough people have voiced their opinion on the newer chambering, and it's affect on tone (as in "they don't sound...
  3. LesterP

    1974 Custom 20th Anniversary Wiring Channel

    After reading about some recent posts on the 20th Anniversary models, I wondered about something that's been bugging me. :) Most early 70's Norlin Customs (at least to my knowledge) have a square wiring channel from the toggle switch to the volume/tone controls. My '74 Custom 20th Anniversary...
  4. LesterP

    New 2007 Les Pauls Are Chambered - They Sound Different!

    After a few recent threads on how light the newer Les Paul's felt, I decided to visit a few local shops and play every new Les Paul I could find. Played mainly Studios, Standards, and a Standard Plus. Also played some type of "Guitar of the Week" deal. Seems that all the new 2007's are now...
  5. LesterP

    Cloud 9 Chambering same as Elegant???

    This has been discussed a million times. Lets make it a million and one. :) I know that the early Elegants ('97, and perhaps '98) had three chambers. The later ones ('99 and on...?) have one large chamber like the Cloud 9's. Obviously, the Clouds get the historic woods and long tenon, but is...
  6. LesterP

    Cloud 9 Tone - Pickups Made a HUGE difference

    With all the talk that comes up about the differences in tone between the regular Historics and the Cloud 9's, I thought I'd share some findings with you. A friend of mine owns a '58 Cloud 9, I own a '57. We both felt that the guitars played fantastic, had a warmth and fullness like an old...
  7. LesterP

    Looking for Pics of Sunburst R8/R9 with open coil black pickups

    I've searched a bunch of threads, but no luck. Looking for pics of any color (sunburst) R8 or R9 that have had the pickup covers removed, showing black coils, but still keeping the stock creme plastic. I'm thinking of replacing the BurstBuckers with a Duncan Cusom/59n set and would like to...
  8. LesterP

    Anyone Try This New Gotoh Bridge - Model 510

    Hope this hasn't been covered before, but has anyone tried this new tuneomatic/stoptail bridge? http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Bridges,_tailpieces/Electric_guitar,_Tune-o-matic_bridges/1/Gotoh_510_Tune-o-matic_Bridge_and_Stop_Tailpiece/Pictures.html#details
  9. LesterP

    70's Les Paul Custom in Action... John Sykes

    Seems to be a lot of talk about 1970's Customs and what they sound like. Here's a link to the song "Cold Sweat" from Thin Lizzy, featuring John Sykes on his trusty 70's Lester. (I used to play this song back in the 80's... I'm getting old) ;)...
  10. LesterP

    VOS Finish Question

    After reading all the info (hype? ) on the new VOS models, I was curious if anyone knew what type of lacquer is being used? Seems that the finish is not like a Custom Authentic, where the guitar is simply not given a final buff (or aged with some fine steel wool. The CA's still used the same...
  11. LesterP

    New Pete Townsend Goldtop - Pancake Body and Volute!!!

    I don't know if this has been posted yet (haven't seen it) but this is interesting. I do know there was a Wine Red edition several months ago. http://www.gibsoncustom.com/flash/products/signature/townshendgold/PeteTownshendGoldtop.html You just knew a Norlin Deluxe Goldtop with a pancake and...
  12. LesterP

    Black Custom with Cream Plastic?? (pic)

    I just received some cream historic pickup rings, and along with a pickguard and toggle ring I already had, just mounted them on my '74 Custom. I'm 99% sure that I love it, 1% sure that it looks very different than stock. What do you all think?
  13. LesterP

    Are These Caps Any Good??? (Pics)

    I just found these in an old parts box (along with some other junk as well :)). If memory serves me, these Capacitors were taken out of two different Les Pauls around 15 years ago? Does anyone recognize these as being stock caps in Les Pauls (Early 70's maybe), and are they any good in the...
  14. LesterP

    Show Us Your Butterscotch Lesters!!!

    After much reading on this forum, I've discovered that many don't like a Butterscotch finish. Well, I'm here to tell you it's my favorite finish. Please post a pic of your Butterscotch Lesters... Here are my two. :):):)
  15. LesterP

    Anyone know what year R8's had flame???

    I was curious as to what years did R8's have flame. I know 01's and 02's had some killer flame. Plaintops since 03? What about R8's from the 90's? Seems that plaintops and flamed/figured tops were floating around, but am curious if specific years favored one over the other. Thanks :)
  16. LesterP

    Ever hear the term "Advanced Tenon" on Custom Shop guitars???

    I was talking to an owner of a music store (who used to carry Gibsons) and the topic of long/short neck tenons came up. He mentioned the term "advanced neck tenon" to describe the tenon on Custom shop guitars that did not have a long tenon. I thought that tenons were long, short, or...
  17. LesterP

    Results: Classic Inlays Faded By The Sun (Pics)

    Thought I'd post the results of exposing my 2004 Classic to the sun. Fellow forum member 'Idge' has a great post on this. His results were so good, that it led to my guitar hanging out in the sun for awhile. The guitar was fully covered, except for the inlays. Lots of tape and thin cardboard...
  18. LesterP

    Advice on what to do with this guitar (Pic)

    This is my 95' black les paul studio. The guitar is in great shape, no breaks, the finish on the sides, back and neck is very good. I've used this guitar as a test bed for many pickup/electronic swaps, not to mention refinishing the top, which was a very nice Lake Placid Blue. Yep, a strat color...
  19. LesterP

    Plastic Inlays on 68 Flametop RI????

    I've been reading about 68' Flametop RI's as I've recently purchased a 2002 (See avatar). The guitar sounds fantastic, and plays like butter. I was looking at the Gibson catalog from 2001, it states that the inlay material is "Pearloid Blocks". Since when has Gibson used plastic inlays on a...
  20. LesterP

    68 Reissue.... It just followed me home

    As much as I like all Les Pauls, I've always had a thing for Customs. I have always owned at least one black custom. How can you fight all that binding, let alone pearl block inlays and split diamond headstocks. But there was something missing in a black guitar. I can't see any wood grain...