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  1. Luke Gibson

    5 latch Lifton case latch locked and no key (Help)

    The latch on my old Lifton case locked by itself. It’s always been unlocked but the other day it just locked (crazy I know) Fortunately it’s in the down position, so I can still use it. Any ideas how to get it unlocked with out a key? Thanks in advance!
  2. Luke Gibson

    '58 Explorer

  3. Luke Gibson

    Vintage Explorer Question

    I know these were built using Korina (White Limba) but this neck "almost" looks like a different type of wood..... This is the Skinner Explorer from a few years ago.
  4. Luke Gibson

    Songbird Museum '63 Explorer

    Does anyone have good pics of the original Explorer at the Songbird Museum? I'm only assuming it's a '63. Curious what the serial number is as well.....
  5. Luke Gibson

    FS: Vintage Grover Rotomatic Tuners 1970's Nickel

    Nice set of Nickel Vintage USA Grovers and screws - $125 + Shipping
  6. Luke Gibson

    FS: D*A*M 1966 and D*A*M Sola Sound Gold Tone Bender Mk 1.5 (Fuzz Pedals)

    I'm selling a few amps and cool pedals to fund a Vintage Guitar purchase. Thank you for looking! Not interested in trades! 1966 Sold More Pics: http://s97.photobucket.com/user/LukeGibson69/library/For Sale?sort=3&page=1 D*A*M Sola Sound Gold Tone Bender Mk 1.5 Mullard OC84's Never giggec...
  7. Luke Gibson

    '58 - '63 Explorer Question

    My favorite vintage Gibson guitars are the '58 - '63 Explorers! I've seen a few with the round cover over the toggle switch on the back and curious why some had this, I assume they used a standard Switchcraft toggle such as were fitted to Les Paul's not the 90 degree style.... I've noticed...
  8. Luke Gibson

    FS: Fralin/RS True60's Zebra PAF's

    True60 PAF's - Great Sounding Early set (#46) of RS/Fralin PAF's. Aged Zebra with aged pole screws. Not interested in trades! Thanks for looking! $325 + Shipping Bridge - 8.74K Neck - 7.63K
  9. Luke Gibson

    Stephen's Designs HDPAF's

    FS: Stephen's Designs HDPAF's Stephen's Designs HD PAF's - Great sounding set of Dave's PAF's. Winner of Guitar Player's Editor's Pick, no year long wait.... This is the HD61 set, Double Cream aged pole screws. Not interested in trades, thanks for looking! I've had a few inquiries asking...
  10. Luke Gibson

    Tube Stash Storage Ideas

    I have a pretty good stash of tubes but running out of room. I'm looking for ideas on a good storage type container. What do you keep your tube stash in?
  11. Luke Gibson

    DiMarzio Burst in action...

    Not sure if this has been posted before, it's only 48 seconds or so... the rest is a lot of eye candy and a nice little acoustic tune towards the end. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxbFcugk6yY&feature=related
  12. Luke Gibson

    I have a 2010 R9 on order from MGL, Question?

    ...been out of the R9 loop since 2001, now l'm back with a 2010, what am I gonna notice different??
  13. Luke Gibson

    '58 Jr P90 pickup mounting question

    I have an early '58 double cut 4 digit Jr. that developed a ground problem today which I repaired. The P90 isn't a dog ear. It's always just had a piece of foam in the bottom of the route that the pickup kind of just sits on. Today I noticed there are 2 holes in the bottom of the cavity that...
  14. Luke Gibson

    Does anyone have a picture of a '58 Explorer control cavity?

    I'm wondering if Gibson used .022 Bumblebee's or the phone book shaped capacitors?? Any help would be greatly appreciated...:biggrin:
  15. Luke Gibson

    What tuners are on the Allen Collins RI Explorer?

    They're gold plated with MOP tips; are they maybe Schaller M6's or Gotoh's??? I'm looking for a set to install on my '76 Explorer. Thanks in advance!!
  16. Luke Gibson

    '76 L.E. Explorer bridge (ABR or Nashville?)

    ......I want to say these came with ABR's. Did any come with the Nashville style bridge? Thanks!!
  17. Luke Gibson

    Pickups FS: Throbak, RS Fralin, Dr.Vintage, Gibson, Rolph, Peter Florance, Lollar..

    Aged RS/Fralin True 60's Zebra-set (last set left) (uncut leads) $325 + S&H Link to more pictures: http://s97.photobucket.com/albums/l2...Gibson69/Misc/ Thanks for looking!!! <!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
  18. Luke Gibson

    What is the best sounding strings for Historic LP's & Why?

    In the last three months I've been thru nearly every set imaginable..... Litteraly 3 sets a week (if not more) evaluting them. I really liked the Gibson Vintage Reissue strings that came with my guitar but after getting it back from Historic Makeovers and installing a PAF, Throbacks and Dr...
  19. Luke Gibson

    My '65 JTM45 just exploded! (pictures included)

    I'd been playing it for half an hour and was quitting for the night. I left it on for a few minutes then heard a loud pop and a huge puff of smoke (Like Keith Moons drums exploding on The Smuthers Brothers Show) along with a nasty smell, Wow!