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  1. Sct13

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Subscribed … Thank you Gibson for wonderful guitars. I have to read this whole thread now…
  2. Sct13

    Home Bound HM !! 2011 R9 Transformation!

    Here she is I'll post what it looked like when it left and a quick photo journal. Enjoy 2011 R9 The day it left in April 2015 the same day the TH's were released....Funny how that worked out....:spabout It is a Full RDS with a beautiful dark board and they did an amazing job on the...
  3. Sct13

    Historic Makeover Porject Bound

    Its time for another. the wheels have been set in motion, deposit in, guitar packed and ships Tuesday! Full on RDS Keep it the same color? What do you think? I am leaning to the same color. Checking with some very mild distressing..
  4. Sct13

    NGD Dirty Lemon Aged R8 M2M

    WOW! This is one meaty, morsel of Gods good greeny Earth! Aged R8 is probably the best Historic Reissue guitar to grace these undertalented hand of mine. Its Gibson Aged and another +1 from what ever artisan worked to make this guitar rival many CC's I have seen/Played or owned. I am...
  5. Sct13

    New 14 R8 Peach Burst

    So, I Finlay got it, and got it unpacked. Wow! Opening that case blinded me momentarily. Just stunning in person. Its a mix of reddish tea, with more red than rust....but it has a bluish cast in the darker cherry areas, that make the dark cherry dark. It is impossible to photograph...so...
  6. Sct13

    NGD 54' Black Beauty Custom

    Well its a week old.... Simply gorgeous with a pretty big feel and a Big growl, very aggressive pickups. It's a 2000, and played well. Low serial # A few pics; :jim
  7. Sct13

    Logo placement on LP Specials

    I know this has probably been mushed over before, I have done a search but can't find any consistent info on this. What are the years of the lower Logo placement? And what colors were available during those years? Thanx
  8. Sct13

    Gibson Dropping all color variants except three

    Washed Cherry, Faded Tobacco, and Ice Tea. All others are discontinued. It also appears that the whole thing will have Red aniline dye and not just the back. Also it appears that Gloss models are gone...
  9. Sct13

    Anyone know What on Earth this could be?

    It's not a Byrdland, Owner thinks its a 61'. I have not seen it, other than the pictures yet. He says he thinks its been painted so the finish isn't original. Any help would be appreciated. He's hoping its a Byrdland worth thousands, I'm thinking........ :~/
  10. Sct13

    Pickups Compared in reissues

    Hello, I have recently been playing around with some pickups in a few reissues. First a 2011 R9 with Joe Bonamasa SD Signatures and secondly an R8 with WCR Crossroads/Dark Burst (joe B mod) pickups. I recorded using Riffworks and Drums from Sonoma (Matt Sorum) I also did the bass, The...