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    Can someone explain Ultra Linear operation in guitar amps?

    Without going technical, it's powerful and clean. Good for bass and the 1960s clean pop sounds that were popular at the time I suppose. I'm sure it had its purpose in the studio, where Page worked his wizardry with using weird and cheap stuff that was at hand.
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    For Sale: Used & Well Played Gibson Custom Shop 2000 Elegant, Sienna Burst

    Hail Forum Brothers! :salude ***Price Reduced*** to $3,000 for forum members. Here's the Reverb.com listing https://reverb.com/item/34348561-gibson-custom-shop-les-paul-elegant-2000-flamed-maple-top-sienna-burst Up for sale is my year 2000 Les Paul Elegant. I've owned this guitar for 19...
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    Some little tone tricks, thought I'd share

    I modified the volume pots on my Elegant last year, but waited to share this only if I found the changes useful. Now a year has gone by, and I really like them so here goes. These are most useful to those of us that use the volume pots a lot instead of channel switching, effects, etc. These...
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    What effect does the grain pattern of the mahogany body blank have on tone?

    Mostly long time lurker here, sometime contributor of small thoughts, but this one's been nagging at me a while. There was a brief discussion here back in May 2007 about this, but I thought I'd bring it up again. I've noticed that fellows in the historic section are usually a little more keen...