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  1. jerns

    G&L Guitars The final works of Fender and Fullerton

    I'm going to attempt a thread to show appreciation for the last instrument collaboration between Leo Fender and George Fullerton. Hopefully others can post some of their Fullerton factory beauties here! Here's my 1987 ASAT and my 1995 George Fullerton signature
  2. jerns

    Super clean 1972 Fender Musicmaster

    Picked up this little slice of 12 watt heaven today, so I thought I'd share it here. It's the 6AQ5 version, and is squeeky clean with original papers. Paired with a strat, it provides an awesome vintage vibe.
  3. jerns

    The Statesman Quad EL84. A German Sleeper

    Acquired this Hughes & Kettner Statesman Quad EL84 in a multi item trade. It wasn't my target item but after I got it home and pushed it hard, I was pleasantly surprised... I did a clean shootout against my Twin Reverb, and a dirty shootout against my Orange Rocker 30 and it really performed...
  4. jerns

    Advice needed on neck fracture / break

    I've been hunting for a large headstock strat for a long time. Checked one out today and found some nastiness that I need advice on. The deal is a trade for my Les Paul Traditional Faded that has some typical play wear and pick ups swapped, for this heavily played refretted 76 strat with...
  5. jerns

    Here's a fake that no one will argue about

    This guitar was being pushed in the local used market as an authentic Gibson Jimmy Page Les Paul. I jacked the pictures right away and created a "buyer beware" ad in the same section and within an hour I was flooded with responses and the original ad went ghost... This one's not even close...
  6. jerns

    NAD: Carvin content

    Picked up this Carvin VL100 Legacy head unit through a local sale today. The grill has been debadged (De-Vai'd ha sorry Mr Vai) but otherwise it's like new. Made in USA and build quality seems very good. Tested it out through a hotrod deluxe 112 for a minute and the cleans are surprisingly...
  7. jerns

    NGD + pop quiz

    Just picked up a new member to the family! I won't have her home for a couple hours so here's a teaser pic... Can any of the wood experts tell anything special about this one?
  8. jerns

    08 standard tone makeover (dirty little secret)

    If you're like me and find the neck pick up a little dark in most les Pauls, you may find this interesting. If you're a purist you may flame the hell outta me for this. So there is a Canadian winder named David bowes (Sigil Pickups) that winds a really nice PAF style pick up called "the...
  9. jerns

    Can't find locking Grovers ala 08 standards

    I'm searching for these locking Grovers that come stock on the standard traditional pro, and apparently the 08 standard. I've searched online and they're not even listed on the Grover site.... Help!
  10. jerns

    NGD 08 Classic Antique

    2008 Gibson Les Paul Classic Antique - Honeyburst http://i1167.photobucket.com/albums/q634/jernscliff/IMG488.jpg http://i1167.photobucket.com/albums/q634/jernscliff/IMG491.jpg http://i1167.photobucket.com/albums/q634/jernscliff/IMG493.jpg...
  11. jerns

    Volume issues with coil split conversion?

    I've heard of this happening.. I recently split my neck pup on my Standard Faded using a push pull volume pot. First I'll say I love the brightness I can get in split mode, but unfortunately the volume drops out a fair bit. When I switch back to full humbucker the volume cranks back up. Am I...