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  1. D'Mule


    I guess to celebrate the Centenial. They created a limited run of LP Standards, Vs, DCs and Explorers in deep metallic green paint. Here is the LP I used to own in stock configuration: With a few mods:
  2. D'Mule


    FYI 1994 Gibson Custom Shop LP Standard.
  3. D'Mule

    Farewell my #1

    I recently parted ways with my "#1" Les Paul, and I thought this was worth a post. I found this LP hanging in the "fancy room" of my local Guitar Center in 2001, and bought it soon after. The guitar was made in the Gibson Custom Shop in 1994 as part of a limited edition series for Gibson's...
  4. D'Mule

    Another flame under the gold thread (R4 content)

    Help me resist an HM refin ('Pearly Gate'-like burst) with rout for Humbuckers. The idea is clearly ridiculous and a waste of money. Right?
  5. D'Mule

    Just a couple recent R8 pics

    Still looking pretty fresh. Going on 9 years of life with me. Can't see that I'd do much better.
  6. D'Mule

    Speaker cabinet love.

    Two cabs in parallel sound so good...but so heavy. We tend to play smaller venues so I like to run my Univalve head (USA 7025 in V1, EH 12AU7 in V2, and single Westinghouse 6L6GC) most times with my LPs into either the Roll channel (everything dimed) or Rock channel (gain on about 10 o'clock)...
  7. D'Mule

    What's your favorite electric to play sitting down?

    I have found my Non-Reverse Firebird to be the absolute best electric guitar for playing on the couch.:3zone Balances perfectly on my right leg (I'm right handed). Very light, and the fingerboard is in just the right place. Even though the nut is a real stretch on this guitar when I'm...
  8. D'Mule

    New 'Bird

    New guitar day for me--2003 Non-Reverse Firebird. I've sold both my Telecaster and Stratocaster, and was looking for something to replace. Also looking for a little different sound than my LPs but still have a lot of the same neck feel, playability, and power. I know half of you guys don't dig...
  9. D'Mule

    CS-336 with bigger neck?

    Do they ever make them? Anyone have one? Figured?
  10. D'Mule

    A little sump'n for everyone

    This is what keeps me from buying a new one--these still are killer.:jaw
  11. D'Mule

    Anniversary LP Thread

    I'd love to see a thread that pulls together LPs from '52, 72, '82, '92, and good old 2002. If you have still got 'em, you must love 'em. Let us know why?:hmm Here's my 2002 R8 to start things off. I was initially attracted to it by its top and color. But once the honeymoon was over, I kept...
  12. D'Mule

    ES335 Reissue Pics

    :photos For any of you out there that actually dig the looks of your reissues, add some pics. Here's my '59 50th Anniversary!
  13. D'Mule

    Historic new guitar purchase, resale strategies

    I want to go out and buy a new killer top R9, but I feel like I'm just too frugal... Here's the backstory: I have been very fortunate to own some very nice Historic and Custom Shop Gibson guitars. My strategy has been to buy used guitars, so that mine don't really depreciate too much more...
  14. D'Mule

    LP Studio Simplicity

    Simpler can sometimes be just as sweet.
  15. D'Mule

    This dog'll hunt

    We talk a lot about what's historically correct, and what's been upgraded to this or that, all to get the best sounding and playing LP possible. Anyone else got a stock, historically incorrect LP that you'd be willing to put up against any LP anywhere in a sound and playability competition...
  16. D'Mule

    '59 ES-335 Reissue

    I've now had my 50th Anniversary 1959 Reissue ES-335 for a little over 4 months, and I'm loving it more and more every day. I'm generally an LP guy, so just the geometry/ergonomics took some settling in for me, but now this guitar feels just right with outstanding balance and relatively light...
  17. D'Mule

    Why does Gibson even bother with plaintop historics??

    Reason #1: 2006 R8 Faded Tobacco VOS--killer in every way.:jim Now that we know that a plaintop R8 is every bit the guitar that its high-priced R9 cousin is, I think we should also appreciate it for its own special subtlety and understated elegance.:3zone Go ahead and show off your...
  18. D'Mule

    1993/1994 Gibsons in Deep Green

    I'd love to find more information about some limited run Gibson Custom Shop guitars produced in 1993 and 1994. As some of you know, my #1 gigging guitar is a Custom Shop Gibson LP Standard from 1994. It is painted a deep green, has an ebony board, and is decked out in gold hardware (including...
  19. D'Mule

    Gibson ES-335 1959 Reissue Specifications Thread

    As some of you know, I recently purchased my 2009 Memphis Gibson ES-335 '59 Dot Reissue. There has been plenty of speculation about how authentic the Memphis '59 Reissues are to the originals. I will refer you to TomGuitar's very fine vintage ES-335 site <http://www.es-335.net/index.html> to...
  20. D'Mule

    LP Chrome-to-Nickel Conversion

    Hey y'all, maybe you remember my Vintage Mahogany LP nitro paint job I did about 2 years back: http://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=151979 Well this guitar has gotten plenty of play time since then, both as my #2 gigging guitar and as my constant 'lap' guitar at home. It's very...