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  1. Jim W

    TV Western Questions

    The Rifleman's rifle. The whole "Mare's Leg" is sooo stupid. Cut down so short, the tube magazine under the barrel would only hold a few rounds of the actual 44-40 cartridges. Even better, he carried 45-70 cartridges on his belt for looks!
  2. Jim W

    Help Wanted

    Years ago we were at the Arlington Show, and my gal had just picked up a lefty 57 triple PU LP Custom reissue. A friend of ours who we had met on this forum had his '59 Burst with him, and he and her sat in the lobby of the hotel attached in the evening and he was showing her how to play a...
  3. Jim W


    Happy Crimbo everyone!
  4. Jim W

    Grace under fire....

    That's excellent news!
  5. Jim W

    Grace under fire....

    Many Happy Returns Audrey!
  6. Jim W

    Grace under fire....

    Awesome! Great to hear good news in the world when there's so much news that isn't. All the best to the two of you today!
  7. Jim W

    Left Handed Les Pauls?

    My gal has a few lefty Lesters, and digs Albert King as well...
  8. Jim W

    Lefty R7 - Hoping for that WOW FACTOR!

    Always nice to see a Southpaw getting a great piece of gear! Enjoy!
  9. Jim W

    Picture Frames for Press Release Photos

    Sometimes we've poked around Goodwill stores, and bought pictures so we can use the frame.
  10. Jim W

    Grace under fire....

    LeftyAlicia and I have you in our thoughts; all our best hopes and wishes.
  11. Jim W


    Yes, I can see posts that are older, but none that I have made since 2017. It's not the end of the world, just something weird.
  12. Jim W


    Same issue here; if I search for my posts the newest one it will find is from 2017......
  13. Jim W

    New Case Day: Cedar Creek Case, thanks Tremayne Guitars

    Cedar Creek cases are good stuff. We've gotten a few over the years; like this one for a Super 400:
  14. Jim W

    Photobucket fix?

    Saw this on another forum, and it seems to work: In the cases where former/current PhotoBucket users haven't deleted or clobbered their collections, Chrome and Firefox now have (since August at least) plugins that will display 3rd party hosted images by fiddling with the referrer or...
  15. Jim W

    Stopped by Les Paul's memorial on Monday

    And left a small token from the Forum:
  16. Jim W

    Les Paul Tribute Chopper

    Lefty and I were at the Motorcycle show, and came across this. Not really a fan of Count's Kustoms normally, but thought this was pretty cool.
  17. Jim W

    NGD, 2013 R8

    With all the changes in 2013, my wife decided to finally get an R8 to finish her "Historic" burst set. She seems pretty happy with it, so I guess I am as well. I just gotta keep her outta Dave's, and away from the R7 she "needs" to "complete" the set :rofl A kinda unexpected pattern...
  18. Jim W

    2013 switch cavity routing

    Any chance someone out there has a photo of the routing inside the switch cavity? What you see if you take off the plate with the three screws? Thanks!
  19. Jim W

    Nut end finish on 2013 les Pauls

    I was at a dealer that had several 2013 reissues, and noticed that the ends of the nut on the guitar I was looking at was completely plain, with no lacquer finish on it, very clean looking. It looked for all the world like the nut had been replaced, not a trace of finish. I started looking at...