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  1. TomGuitar

    Been a while

    It’s been a while since I posted anything. Sorry to be away so long. But tonight I want to share some thoughts. Might be the wrong area, but since The Other Gibsons is where I live, I’ll do it here. I changed the strings tonight on the guitar in my avatar. It’s a blonde 59 335. Oh man, what a...
  2. TomGuitar

    Happy Holidays

    Good evening all my fellow Other Gibson lovers. Happy holidays to you and yours. ‘Tis the season. Be good to all and give something to the charity of your choice.
  3. TomGuitar

    Other Gibson of the Month - 1959 L-5CESN

    Greetings all, This month we bring you a great guitar and a great story of the find, the hunt, and the great outcome. It involves several LPFers and a worldwide search. First, a shot of this beautiful guitar as it looks today... And now, the story from Michael Minnis, the current owner...
  4. TomGuitar

    Other Gibson of the Month - 1959 ES-345

    This is the second installment of the Other Gibson of the Month. This one for December. Fellow forum member and good friend Michael Minnis recently started a thread on "first rack" 1959 ES-345s, which got me to thinking about my own 1959 blonde 345. Michael's thread was about a couple of...
  5. TomGuitar

    Other Gibson of the Month 1957 L5CES

    This is the inaugural post of the Other Gibson of the Month. We'll call this one November even though it is actually October 31. Happy Halloween all. So since Charlie Daughtry asked me to do this feature a few weeks ago I have had many requests from members for guitars to be the first one. Ding...
  6. TomGuitar

    Show some mudbucket love

    How about some Gibson mudbucket? Again, in the spirit of the Super 400 thread, let's get back to some vintage... 54, 59, 59, 59
  7. TomGuitar

    Show some ES love

    Rant on. Sorry if this pisses anyone off, but the thread rules say "The ES Series, Carved Tops, Explorers, Flying Vs, Firebirds, Futuras, Acoustics, SGs and Epiphones that were made in the Gibson factory [c. 1958-1968]" While I am not the forum police, I must say that I have visited this place...
  8. TomGuitar

    Show some L5 love

    In the spirit of the Super 400 thread, let's show some L5 love... 1957 Thin body L5
  9. TomGuitar

    Blonde 1960 ES-345

    Charlie Gelber (OKGuitars) shares this beautiful blonde 1960 ES-345 with us. Very, very early 60, like the first two weeks most likely. Thanks Charlie. More pics of this beauty here. Ans while I'm at it... there is something about these old blonde 345s that just makes my knees weak. Here...
  10. TomGuitar

    The 4th Cherry 1959 ES-345

    We now have 4 1959 Cherry 345s on the site. This one, A31413, comes from Boy in the Netherlands. More pictures here. The other 3 are A30993, A31022 and A31412.
  11. TomGuitar

    A miracle...

    The bad news... The other day at a jam session, my beloved blonde 59 335 took a dive. Popped right off the strap, fell face first on to a hardwood floor, bounced once, by which time I was down there with it, caught it before it hit the floor a second time, heart racing and adrenaline pumping...
  12. TomGuitar

    Mint 1961 ES-355TD

    Thanks to MikeG for sharing this spectacular example of a 1961 ES-355. Beautiful guitar. More pictures of this beauty here.
  13. TomGuitar

    Couple more cool old ES guitars

    Forum member RAB was kind enough to share pictures of his recently acquired 1962 Cherry 335 in really clean condition. More pictures here. And forum member skilback shared the photos of his cool 1962 ES-330 with the heel stinger that he showed in this thread. More pictures here. Thanks...
  14. TomGuitar

    More old ES guitars...

    Added a couple guitars today to the Golden Era site. Courtesy of LPF members Dire Wolf and Andreja Marovic. Thanks guys... First up is Andreja's 1964 ES-335 TDC. A beauty with great mojo. More pics here. Next up is the lefty conversion 1960 ES-345 from Dire Wolf that was discussed in an...
  15. TomGuitar

    Another 1959 ES-335

    This guitar was purchased at the recent Dallas GUitar Show by a fellow LPFer. What a lucky guy. This is one of the really, really good ones. One serial number away from one of mine. Double whites. Low neck angle. Great feel. Great sound. Great color. Just the right amount of wear. Several...
  16. TomGuitar

    1963 ES-345TDC

    Here is a pretty one recently acquired by LPF member lpnv59. A nice looking cherry 345. Say something about it Billy. More pics here.
  17. TomGuitar

    What's up with Drew224?

    Someone hack this place or is he just a douchebag?
  18. TomGuitar

    1961 ES-335TDC w/Bigsby

    A really pretty 335 that lives in Kassel, Germany. Thanks to Frank for the pictures. More pictures here.
  19. TomGuitar

    1961 ES-345 Cherry

    Oops, it's actually a 62. Mark Bishop of Mark's Guitar Loft was kind enough to supply some photos of a beautiful 1962 ES-345. Thanks so much Mark. More pictures here. I have done something different with this one on the site and am looking for some feedback. I have used lightbox code to...
  20. TomGuitar

    Ethical question...

    As most of you know, I maintain a website documenting vintage 3x5s from 1958 through 1964. To date I have only posted pics and info supplied to me by current owners of the instruments. I have always respected their wishes regarding confidentiality. And when informed of an instrument changing...