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  1. audiorep

    WTB OX4 Beano pickups

    Any used ones out there ? I am in Canada but not adverse to bringing them in . Nova Scotia , B3Z2C1 .
  2. audiorep

    Case for Byrdland / ES335

    Will a 1974 Byrdland fit in a 60s ES335 case ??
  3. audiorep

    Pelham Blue EB2 EB2D ???

    Has anyone ever seen one ?
  4. audiorep

    Argentine Grey

    Was this only available custom ordered ? And during what period of time did they do it ? Anyone have pics so I can see the colour ?
  5. audiorep

    1967 SG Special

    Is the pickguard right on this ? And, is the whammy bar with a wrap tail typical ? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v507/audiorep2/ws.jpg
  6. audiorep

    R8 and R9

    What are considered to be the best production years for these ? Are 2010/11 OK ?
  7. audiorep

    Custom Made Plaque

    On 335s, when did they stop drilling stop tailpiece holes and covering them with the plaque ?
  8. audiorep

    Late 60s shipping totals

    Does anyone know how many EB2 and EB2D basses, in Walnut were made ? And in what years ?
  9. audiorep


    Is it possible to replace an Epiphone frequensator with a regular trap without drilling extra holes ? Is the hole pattern the same ?
  10. audiorep

    How do you tell the difference ??

    Between a 1964, and a 1965 ES335 ? With factory Bigsby. With serial numbers common to both years ?
  11. audiorep

    Trapeze tailpiece

    Is the tailpiece for an ES225 the same as for an ES295 ?
  12. audiorep

    Employee made guitars

    Does anyone have the ground rules for these guitars. I have this http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v507/audiorep2/ES125TCD1969.jpg no serial # . I have included the 1962 ES125TCD for reference.
  13. audiorep

    1961 case for es345

    What colour should the inside of these cases have ? Any pictures ?
  14. audiorep

    Nothing New Music, NJ,..closed ??

    Phone disconnected, dropped off Gbase, no www site. Are they gone ??
  15. audiorep

    1975 humbucker

    Has anyone got a pic of the bottom of one of these ? Do these look original ?
  16. audiorep

    Philly, market trends ?

    I could not attend this one, but I'm curious. Was pricing still going by the Vintage Guide, or has some current market reality set in ? Were there many actual transactions ?
  17. audiorep

    Are these old PAFs ??

    What do you fellows make of these ?
  18. audiorep

    EB6 with SG body

    Did these have a neck plate on the back ?
  19. audiorep

    How do I fix up this logo ?

    On a 1967 ES175D. You can see a fair bit has flaked off. Is this fixable ? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v507/audiorep2/1967ES175D/1967ES175D003.jpg
  20. audiorep

    Is there something fishy about this logo ?

    http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v507/audiorep2/?action=view&current=ES125TDC004.jpg http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v507/audiorep2/?action=view&current=ES125TDC001.jpg I know the guitar is odd. If it is a real Gibson, a custom order, or emplyee guitar. But the logo looks odd to me. Your...