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  1. Blackjack30

    10 LP sounds by Joe B.

  2. Blackjack30


  3. Blackjack30

    Had to do it.

    After 3 years w/o i mounted the guard. Just seems right.
  4. Blackjack30

    EVH Wolfgang WG Standard

    I snagged it. Traded a parts-caster for it [a nice one]. Normally a Rosewood/Ebony FB guy but this one is pretty cool. Honestly not a huge difference from Rosewood, really good sounding. All the CNC millwork is spot-on. 25.5 scale. 12" to 16" compound radius. Neck is like a chunky Fender C but...
  5. Blackjack30

    2013 Gibson Les Paul Standard Premium Plus AAAA top in Trans Amber

    Long tenon, modern weight relief, Burst Bucker Pros, Tone Pro's locking TP & bridge, Rosewood FB, locking Grovers, Asymmetrical neck carve, push pull pots.
  6. Blackjack30

    New Rectifier in da house

    First run single Rectifier to go with my 3 channel dual. Sounds really good and loud for 50 honest watts.
  7. Blackjack30


    1987' MIJ Charvel model #2. I bought it out of a catalog with no pictures just gear listings in 1999 from the old Daddy's Junkie Music on the east coast. Hersh was the saleman. Cost me $275. I just added a Schaller made in Gemany LockMeister Floyd Rose replacing the original 80's Floyd that was...
  8. Blackjack30

    1985 Tokai TLC-65

    1985 Tokai TLS-65 Can someone tell me the rough value of this Tokai, thanks. And is it Mahogany & Maple ? I know the flame on top is likely a veneer but does it have a maple cap ?
  9. Blackjack30

    MESA MK IV & Scholz Power Soak

  10. Blackjack30

    Scholz Rockman X-100

    Finally scored one after all these years. My roomate in 1982 had gotten one for Xmas. They were close to $500 bucks then as we were both "starving artists" guitar players in different bands. I also have the Arion Hott Watt but its no comparison to the Rockman. Rockman sounds fantastic. I can...
  11. Blackjack30

    Say it aint so ...

  12. Blackjack30

    Big Brass is here ...

    37 mm Big Brass Block is here. Replaces stock 32mm. The stock is nickel plated zinc alloy. New one is solid Brass. Much more low end thump, better top end & a mid bump. Simple Physics, more mass equals more sustain & resonance. 37mm Floyd Rose locking tremolo Brass Block is here. Replaces the...
  13. Blackjack30

    NAD !!!!

  14. Blackjack30

    Mosky Black Rat mini

  15. Blackjack30

    MESA Mark III Purple Stripe combo

  16. Blackjack30

    MESA Dual Rec