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  1. becks bolero

    my strat

    not sure if I've posted this here...did a search and nothing came up but here is my fave strat. kind of interesting assortment of parts: early SRV neck '62 RI body MIJ Gotoh locking vintage tuners Callaham hardware everything else Fralin vintage hots it's a little beat up, but hey. people pay...
  2. becks bolero

    reading Clapton's autobiography

    ...probably old news to many ppl here, as it's been out a while it's an interesting perspective on the music scene in the '60's, and how it evolved, in the UK and US some great background on some interesting events: Greece, and the abandoned LP/Marshall The Beatle's acid infused debut of Sgt...
  3. becks bolero

    just saw Albert Lee....he's on tour

    just saw Albert Lee in a small, intimate venue in Toronto ( The Dakota Tavern ) it was great!! I couldn't believe he was playing & singing ten feet away from me, in such a cool venue. he did a mix of killer guitar stuff, some cool old tunes that he obviously enjoys playing & paying tribute...
  4. becks bolero

    #$*&% string mfr's who don't put string sizes on the inner packages

    goddammit, I have a whole bunch of strings here, with no string size indication on them ie: DR strings....several packs that just say "2nd & 5th", "3rd & 6th" etc. how the hell am I supposed to figure out what diameter they are?? D'Addario too...a set comes in a single plastic sleeve, so...
  5. becks bolero

    has anyone shot clear nitro over a faded finish?

    hi, just picked up a LP std faded, I think it's tobacco burst. gtr has great looking grain & flame but that matte finish looks putrid debating sanding/bleach/refin, but also wondering if I just spray some clear over it, maybe it will drastically improve the look? anybody here tried that? thx!
  6. becks bolero

    who's got a Slash sig LP?

    a friend of mine just got one of the red ones, it's a great gtr :dude:
  7. becks bolero

    '63 Firebirds, all Mahogany vs multipiece?

    has anyone had a chance to compare an early all mahogany firebird, to the later ones with the strips running thru the neck/body? wondering if they sound different....I've heard the strips were maple & also walnut? with maple strips I'd guess the sound would brighten up a bit? and I assume...
  8. becks bolero

    best case for a firebird?

    hey who makes the best case for a firebird? I heard the stock ones don't have enough clearance around the headstock & it can break fairly easily? thx!
  9. becks bolero

    how did Neil Young get a firebird pickup in his LP?

    ?? will a firebird pup fit in a P90 soapbar route?
  10. becks bolero

    anyone ever pull a Bigsby apart?

    I need to get the tension/roller bar off a B7 ( same as a B5 ) & file it down a bit so it doesn't rub on the body. it's binding & not spinning freely it looks like it's just pressed in...I assume a punch & hammer will get it out, pushing from the high E to low E? thx! it's the TOP bar in...
  11. becks bolero

    58 & 60 burst on youtube...Doug & Pat

    this is very cool some killer tones, the guy is a great guitar player too!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Tl6mw6OSifc
  12. becks bolero

    epiphone HB pickup wiring, BLACK/WHITE/BARE

    trying to wire in a set of Ep pups, but the wiring is confusing me tried white = hot black + bare = ground got bad humming, no signal black = hot white + bare = ground same thing does anyone know how these are supposed to be? thx!
  13. becks bolero

    how to apply a decal logo on headstock?

    hey I have an old ES135 & have refinned the headstock, I have a GIBSON decal, what's the procedure to install it? I assume I just stick it on somehow, then spray clear coats over the whole headstock? thx!
  14. becks bolero

    corner radius on '59 Les Pauls?

    hey, curious: what's the roundover radius on the back edges of a '59 Gibson? ( not a custom ) is it the same as what they're using on the reissues? or is it more square? thx!
  15. becks bolero

    extreme worn fretboard edges...

    hey guys, I have a guitar that some idiot sanded the edges of the fretboard away while refinishing...there is a good 1/4" missing between the frets in places kind of like a roundover, but he went way too aggressive I assume I need to build some sort of dam with tape, and then fill with...
  16. becks bolero

    drilling for pigtail TP studs

    hey has anyone had to drill to install the Pigtail TP les paul studs? any idea what size drill bit to use? thx!!
  17. becks bolero

    50's wiring?

    hey guys I thought the '50's wiring diagram was on the LPF FAQ or hotrod sections...can't find it though, anyone got a link? thx!!
  18. becks bolero

    '50's Gibson LP body routing...? differences?

    hey, I am curious about the body routing on 50's LP's I have heard they drilled a hole for the wiring, through the body, and thru the pup cavities, to the selector switch also heard they routed a square channel before the top was glued on does anyone have any specs on which specific...
  19. becks bolero

    new Gibson P90's, different than vintage?

    hey I have an old SG & the new Gibby P90's won't fit in the cavity, they are too deep....actually it appears that there is a thick metal ( magnet? ) spacer underneath....plus taller pickup screw rails can I just pull out the spacer? anybody have this issue & find a solution? thx!
  20. becks bolero

    good golly miss molly...Traynor YBA-1

    been jamming into a '66/67 YBA-1, thru a 4x12 loaded with scumbacks :headbange :headbange :headbange what an awesome amplifier :applaude